Thursday, January 27, 2005

Without a car

So, my brakes go bad and I have to leave the car with my mechanic for a couple days leaving me without a car.... Does my life go down the tubes? Nope! I got friends. The ex who is grateful for the rides I help the kids with gives me a ride, with no hassle, everyday back and forth to work. Mark picks me up for RCIA and Aunt Connie gives me a ride to my class tonight. I got it made in the shade. My life is rather full and not so empty as I worry about sometimes.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New Year's Eve and Day were great.

On New Year's eve I went to a family party. I knew no one but my friend, Mark, and his friend, Bill (somewhat), and they were all open and warm to me. It felt great. Some of Las Vegas' best people. We left the party early and I fell asleep at home before the big moment. Oh well, it was a great night, anyways.
New Year's day at Mark's was a day of helping make clam chowder and enjoying all the people who came over. It was a sea of faces and everyone smiled all the time. I took a walk that morning to stretch my legs and start on the path of getting in better shape. I got the new year off to a great start.
Tonight I start up again with RCIA. It will be good to see familiar faces again. Ben and Christy are becoming good friends to me. Cheryl and Matt are great, too.
Here's a prayer that all you will have a happy and healthy New Year!