Friday, January 25, 2008

Well, some time has passed by and things have changed

I had to say goodbye to my love affair with sweet Annie.

My heart just faded in my ardor for her. A combination of the 5200 miles of separation and the huge sacrifice it would be for her to move over into a real life relationship was too heavy a burden for me to carry.

I am hoping to be friends with her. For this, it seems I have to be patient.

I am thinking of using this blog to be a repository for my poems.

I said goodbye to Annie partly because I thought an Old Flame was interested in rekindling romance, but was sadly mistaken. We are still good friends, but that is all. So I killed Cupid again. But then...

Something happened on the way to the blogroll.

I met this star of a gal who is from Southern California and comes to Vegas frequently! She is kind, friendly, rich in heart and soul. I have never been so excited over a woman in at least a decade....

Perhaps I'll post some of my poems to her here. Once I show them to her first, though. When she is ready....