Friday, August 29, 2008

Wow, something about Sarah!

All I can say is McCain just earned not only my vote but I think I may campaign for him now that he's chosen such a brilliant Veep!

It's a whole new ballgame, folks!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tim's Change

Never again, never again.
Respect shall be paramount
No matter how much I fall in love.
It's gonna be my way or nothing.

I am loving, benevolent
I have wisdom and I know
How to doctor a woman's broken soul.
So I shall be leader, not her,
Next time I fall in love.

I initiate
She responds-
Any other order
Is unacceptable.

I am strong
And am strengthening
My weaknesses
Starting with my body
Then my mind, then my soul.

I lost a beautiful woman
Because I was weak
The pain was incredible.
Never again, never again.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Improve your life!

- get up to 6 miles every other day

Lose 14 lbs
-stop eating whilst a bit hungry

See a therapist
-Flamingo health insurance is only $18/mo!

Bear down on roulette
-muck chips twice ea shift

Call your loved ones weekly
-every day of the week, bro!

Make $80,000 a yr
-get hired at Belagio

Love a beautiful young woman
-hubba hubba

Drive a red Corvette
-oh yeah, baby!

Raise beautiful children and grand children!
-sweet lil babies in my arms!

I am young again.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Key

Patience and understanding is the key.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

No One To Love

Everything I do
Is for you
Or done while thinking of u.
I am your moon.

But clumsy am I
And a fool
And oft do I alienate
Those whom I love
And thus,
Am the Lonely Man.

So off I go
Seeking to bother u no more
Like a silly puppy
Clamoring at ur feet.
I can do other things
Things that lonely men do
When they have no one to love....

Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Okay so I've started a committed prayer life again. And I'm gonna blog about it here. Yaaaay!

I just finished the first night of a Novena for a dear friend of mine. I started all agitated and flustered.

Mark, my best friend, who just moved in (Yaaaaay!!) and I prayed the Rosary and said prayers to Saints Dympna and Peregrine, patron saints of mentall illness and neurological disorders and cancer sufferers.

And now I feel soooooo peaceful and good and calm. Prayer has its fringe benefits.

Today is the first day and I will pray twice daily until April 8th. The day before my special friend will come to town and see me at work playing on my tables.... Such a nice thought and great timing.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lets do a Redo in Manhattan Beach, baby!


Just me and you, dreamgirl!

Two good, good friends and lovers had a complicated weekend with unknown symptoms colliding with misunderstand after misunderstanding with some bipolar sleep deprivation and ADD impulsivity thrown in just to make it more interesting, And they both decided they really need and deserve a Redo.

So, it's off to Manhattan Beach for a couple hours.

They really, really like each other and walked into a difficult weekend, but, hey, there's always the second chance, right?

So, they'll try to hold hands on the beach. He may splash her with water just to hear her sweet feminine-voiced scream. They'll see if there's a nice sunset. She may give him a hickey where it counts.

And he'll buy them dinner and have some beer and she may even tell him to take his Levitra if circumstances are right. He'll bring pillows and towels and massage oil and be grateful that his passenger front seat lies totally flat. And they can find a nice, private spot after its dark and steam up the windows!

Orrrr, if they're feeling really randy they may find a secluded spot on the beach and give each other those incredible, never-before, dreamy-eyed, heavenly xxxxxxxx.

Or they could just be two lovely young people who had a really good couple hours together.

Adventureboy + Adventuregirl = ______________________

Friday, January 25, 2008

Well, some time has passed by and things have changed

I had to say goodbye to my love affair with sweet Annie.

My heart just faded in my ardor for her. A combination of the 5200 miles of separation and the huge sacrifice it would be for her to move over into a real life relationship was too heavy a burden for me to carry.

I am hoping to be friends with her. For this, it seems I have to be patient.

I am thinking of using this blog to be a repository for my poems.

I said goodbye to Annie partly because I thought an Old Flame was interested in rekindling romance, but was sadly mistaken. We are still good friends, but that is all. So I killed Cupid again. But then...

Something happened on the way to the blogroll.

I met this star of a gal who is from Southern California and comes to Vegas frequently! She is kind, friendly, rich in heart and soul. I have never been so excited over a woman in at least a decade....

Perhaps I'll post some of my poems to her here. Once I show them to her first, though. When she is ready....