Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Speaking about satire...

Well, this is too excellent to pass up.

You guys just gotta take a look at these anti-motivational posters.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Scrappleface- a funny, satirical news blog. They got a doozy here.

I just discovered a new site, Scrappleface, that has a bunch of tongue-in-cheek articles mostly on politics thanks to the Anchoress. They seem to be a great source of fresh, clever and witty commentary.

They have an article saying Bush announced that the Republicans in Congress will stand down and allow the Dems to take over once they demonstrate they are ready to govern our nation. Hah! That'll be the day.

The gem that I found though is titled, Democrats Offer To Let GOP Keep Some Seats.

This is where Rep. Pelosi says they will forgo the embarassment of counting the votes and allow the Republicans to keep some of its seats in Congress as a token. Hah!!

Go check it out!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Lonely Man's Dreams

Well, folks, I go around town all day long knocking on doors asking for votes for my candidates and I see all these wonderful houses and get all kinds of ideas. Since it seems I may be able to earn a great income soon it's got me thinking about what I want for my house. *sigh* My house- what a concept. Ah well, this is what I want in my house.

Green, green grass in the front and back yards.

A willow tree in my front yard.

A wishing well.

Little statuettes of my dogs.

Two dogs.

Maybe a cat.

Little white statuettes of kids at play.

A copse with a statue of Mary or St. Joseph.

One of those suns with the face on it.

A hedge comprised of rosemary.

Rose bushes all over.

A 51" big screen TV.

Home theater system.

Self-built hot shot computer system.

A shaded front porch with a big table and maybe even a couch.

I'll add more as I remember what I dream about during the day. It would be so nice to have my own place. I am sick of moving and want to start a library.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Did Kennedy try to join up with communist Soviet Union in the 80s?

Wow. Is Kennedy a traitor? Did he really try to undermine Reagan and conspire with the communist leader Yuri Andropov?
Hmmm, read on, gentle reader, and decide for yourself.

In his book, which came out this week, Kengor focuses on a KGB letter written at the height of the Cold War that shows that Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) offered to assist Soviet leaders in formulating a public relations strategy to counter President Reagan's foreign policy and to complicate his re-election efforts.


"Tunney told his contacts that Kennedy was very troubled about the decline in U.S -Soviet relations under Reagan," Kengor said. "But Kennedy attributed this decline to Reagan, not to the Soviets. In one of the most striking parts of this letter, Kennedy is said to be very impressed with Andropov and other Soviet leaders."

I think it is kind of par for the course for a liberal-near -socialist to reach out to a communist leader, don't you? Not that it is right.... It does smack of treason. Well, could Ann Coulter be right?

I haven't heard much about this in the Catholic blogosphere- but I daresay it pisses me off.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Matthew 5:45
For he makes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust..

Well, good news on two fronts.

They asked me back to work at my political campaigning job. Cool, I am back in the money! I was about to go take a position at a telemarketing firm that advertised immediate openings until the MGM hires me.

Earlier this morning the MGM Grand called me and told me to come in for a drug test. That's great! I just returned from having my hair snipped for the test. They can go back 90 days for drug usage.

This is hopeful. I need to clear the background investigation. There is potential trouble there. Gentle reader, I will let you in on some juicy stuff on the Lonely Man. About 5 years ago I got arrested and was jailed for nine days. This guy, a former employer of mine who got addicted to crack cocaine, stole my identity after he got busted for credit card forgery and failed to appear before drug court. He had my name, social security number and description, I presume he got that from my employment records- scary, huh? Well, it happened to me.

I have been almost arrested again a couple of times since then because he currently has a warrant for his arrest from the Probation department. That will show up on the criminal check these casinos do. I explained all that on my job application. I hope it doesn't send up a red flag that will disqualify me for the job. We're talking about a bright future here, folks.

So, there's more need for prayers for the Lonely Man. Once again, if any of you have a pressing need then, by all means, let me know, I will gladly lift you up in prayer, too. Now I have made this offer plenty of times but have had no takers. So... take me up on my offer! You hear? Email me if you don't feel comfortable leaving your prayer request in the combox.

Resisting confession

Folks, I need prayer.

I am resisting confession and am falling to temptation. Need heaps of God's grace. Pray that God will gift me with perfect repentance.

Thanks in advance.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Well, folks, I got my first call from a casino about a job. The MGM Grand is freakin' huge! I got lost there when I went for the pre-interview at HR.

The dealers there get paid astronomical tips. I mean, out of this world. I am applying for Pit Clerk, the guy who handles the markers for players. My oldest son is one at Bellagio where my mom works. My second oldest son is one at- sheesh, I forgot which house but its also a great one.

If I get hired there I would try to get a second job dealing at a lesser house, they call them break-in houses to gain experience. I asked my mom this morning how long she thought it would take for the MGM to possibly hire me as a dealer and she said about a year. That is unbelievable, folks! Only a a year to work at one of the premier houses in Vegas, to earn a six-figure income?

Wow, maybe getting fired at my old job was a true blessing in disguise.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Time to lean into the Lord again


Well, folks, the Lonely Man got laid off about 26 minutes ago. I got a call from one of the bosses. He said they'll call me next week if they need me for the Get Out The Vote portion of their campaign. *sigh*

I knew the position was temporary, I didn't see them needing me after the elections. So, it's a little earlier than I expected. Now I gotta start looking for another temporary job until I can get hired at a casino. This makes it harder to pay for gaming school...

Ok, folks, you know the drill... Prayers, please!

Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well, might as well let you in on the latest...


No, that's not me in the pic. It's just a Google image.

I moved last week. The day after I was surprised to realize that it was the easiest move I ever experienced. I rented U-Haul's smallest box truck for $19.99 and moved a bunch of boxes into storage- that was only a short two mile round trip. I then loaded up the stuff from my small room and bathroom into the car and took it over to my new place.

Now this place, gentle reader, is very special. It used to be a Franciscan friary before it was sold to the Catholic Worker. It is three house sized buildings on one regular home sized lot. I live in the center house. I share the house with Pace-Bene, a Franciscan organization that uses half the house for an office. There is no central heat, instead there is a wood stove- rather quaint, eh? I suspect I'll be a little chilly in the winter, which are very mild here in Las Vegas in the desert.

But it is so peaceful! It is landscaped in desert style but it has a dignity that I find hard to put into words. My son came over last night for some beer and Texas Holdem and he loved the peaceful demeanor of the place. It has a whole wall of books which lends to the atmosphere and it has a wooden floor and a big dining table in the front room. It has a small chapel too.

I met Father Jerry today. He just flew in from Chicago area for some peace movement work. They are having a meeting at the house tonight. They invited me over for dinner and a service. He may be staying for about a month. He is a gentle soul.

Frank lives next door, he runs a ministry for some poor people across the street that Catholic Worker inherited from the Franciscans. Sister Meghan lives in the other house, she does a lot of work for Nevada Desert Experience, an anti-nuclear weapon group. I am surrounded by peace activists here. Heh. I don't discuss my politics with them- only with Mark because he and I have a complete understanding of each other and a covenant of complete support. I am a little uneasy to let my new friends know that I am conservative and orthodox and completely in agreement with the Magisterium. They are rather uh... progressive. But with very good hearts.

Should Harry Reid resign?

....................................... I am not a crook......................................

The story begs the question. Should Reid stay in office as word of another ethics lapse reaches our ears?

Another question looms: What did he know and when did he know it?

How about some famous advice: Follow the money.

Well, the facts are coming to light. Reid failed to disclose land interests he had which were later benefited by legislation he passed in Congress. To the tune of $700,000. Hmmm, public office has its benefits.

Another question: What other Senators, especially Democrats, knew of his secret land deal and did they cover up for their leader?

Ed Morrissey, the blogger responsible for Captain's Quarters has an article in the New York Post online, says that Reid hid his interests in Clark County real estate that later benefited from federal legislation he passed. Here's a quote-
Normally, the government would have to sell this land at auction, as land swaps had lost the federal government millions in southern Nevada. But Reid insisted on suspending that rule in his Clark County act. The developers that hired his sons as lobbyists prospered with the lower-cost acquisitions of prime real estate through the uneven swaps. Also in the money were those - like Harry Reid himself - who'd already invested money in Clark County real estate.

This makes me wonder, if Reid doesn't resign over this land scandal shouldn't he at least return the $700,000 in profits he unethically obtained? And what other land deals has he participated in which he received ill-gotten gains?

Inquiring minds want to know.

H/T to the Anchoress.

Update: Harry Reid is my senator here in Nevada.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Had to blog about something



Everybody's blogging these days....

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Okay, about RCIA

.Father Clarence was late so I had to stall for time. I was feeling bad that I hadn't really prepared anything about prayer this week, being rather busy due to my new job. But, I trusted to providence and my ability to ad-lib. So, as it turned out I had a chance to exercise creativity.

I asked the folks there if they had prayed that week and everyone raised their hand. Aha- teacher's triumph! That felt good. I then asked for anyone to share about that prayer experience. One precious girl, who sometimes cries at Mass for desire for the Eucharist, said that due to her braces she experiences bad toothaches and was healed of one this last week after praying for relief. Others shared their experiences of prayer. I shared about my prayers of desperation when struck with the terrible pain Tuesday afternoon.

I shared about how the Psalms are the heart of the prayers of the Church, accessed through the Divine Office. Later Father Clarence mentioned this point as he taught about the Old Testament. That felt good.

I'm giving it all I got, folks, and it seems some seeds are being planted. This is the highlight of my public spiritual life. I love it.

Anyone got some references on prayer that I could publish to our RCIA group? I would appreciate it....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A call to enjoy and pray for Sinead O'Connor

This is exquisite beauty- the music and the video!

But, boy is this girl screwed up.
Let me count the ways....
She rips up a photo of John Paul II on Saturday Night Live telling the audience to fight the real enemy.
Then she asks the pope's forgiveness, then years later says she would change nothing about that incident.
Rush Limbaugh reports that she tried to commit suicide later that night of the SNL live incident. Then she gets ordained as a Catholic Priest(ess) in a schismatic sect.
Then she announces she's a lesbian and goes on to retract it.
Then in 2002 she announces her retirement from public life and her desire to train to be a catechist and asks everyone who sees her in the future to pretend they don't notice her and let her be. She says she is incredibly shy.
She goes back, however, to the public stage and cuts another album.
Currently she is pregnant with her fourth child due Christmas Eve 2006 (my daughter's birthday), it seems each child has a different father.

Kinda sounds like me in another life (pre-Adoration).

Pray for her, folks, this wonderfully talented and misguided soul really needs it! But, man, can the gal sing!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Gosh, folks, I thought I was going to die today.


There I was on the side of the road losing my cookies. And I had this terrible pain in my gut. I mean it's bad enough to be barfing in front of the whole neighborhood, but this pain in my abdomen was killing me!

I had to call my boss and tell him I couldn't work anymore and he came and picked me up. Then the pain really kicked in. I was there in the back seat holding onto the hand strap literally groaning in agony. I don't recall ever groaning out loud in pain before. I kept shifting in my seat to alleviate the pain but nothing helped.

I groaned for at least 30 minutes and was covered in sweat. Sheesh, I was making plans to go to the emergency room and then remembered I didn't have health insurance since I got fired.

Thank God the pain subsided. I prayed for my suffering to be united with the Lord's suffering. I recalled how St. Therese, in Story Of A Soul, discussed how she invited suffering. Well, I guess I am not very sanctified, cuz I was praying for relief. I just finished the notes on the last painful days of her life this morning. Hmmm, the poignancy wasn't lost on me.

I don't know why I got the attack. The only contributing factor I can think of was the five beers I drank last night. But that seems a little light to cause gastroenteritis. I am just glad that it went away. Being a typical male, I am not going to the doctor, I will just hope it is an isolated incident. Really, gentle reader, I thought I was experiencing what a woman in labor experiences.

NY Times article on front page- wrongful termination of a nun?


In what is a huge article on their front page today, the NY Times reports on the differences religious organizations have for employees compared to secular organizations in Where Faith Abides, Employees Have Few Rights.

It seems a little hard for the nun who is first featured in this article, but then again, do we really want the courts to step in and interfere with out church related decisions?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Uh oh, I've been tagged for another meme- and this time I'm actually gonna do it!

I've been tagged twice before on memes, but for some reason or another I wasn't compelled to comply with them. But, tonight, I've had five beers while watching my Chargers beat the Super Bowl Champs and I'm just gonna go for it! I'll blame it on the beer buzz!

Catholic Mom In Hawaii tagged me for the Halloween/All Saints Day meme. So here it goes:

1. If you were invited to a Halloween/ All Saints Day Costume Party, which saint would you dress up as and why? (The Blessed Virgin Mary,the Mother of God, is not an option.)

Okay, uhhh, it would be St. Therese of Liseux!!!

Because I was led by Catholicity's, Bud Macfarlane, years ago to write an intention of my soul to her, and place it in my wallet, which I did before I even knew who she was. In fact, I wasn't even an official Catholic then! Just a neophyte.... So, I had an affinity for her in my heart before I even knew who she really was.

Then, just last week after reading Dawn Eden's post, I started reading St. Terese's Story Of A Soul. Such a profound reading, to read the intimate thoughts of an impassioned saint!

2. Which saint or other person would accompany you to the party?
Err, I really don't know.... Well, maybe St. Joseph, a favorite of mine. The foster father of Jesus and spouse of the Mother of God.

3. What famous quote would help others identify you?
I want to spend my heaven doing good on earth.

4. Describe your costume.
I guess I would be drag- heh! I'd be wearing a tight habit, black and white encircling my fat face, with flowing black robes covering my portly frame.

5. Which movie or film best depicts the life of this saint?
Well, I'm not sure. I saw, Therese, which was quaint and made me cry as I saw a young woman dying but it didn't reveal the spiritual treasures of the blessed saint. So, perhaps there were other depictions that were superior but I have no personal knowledge of them.

6. What is your favorite book written about this saint or that he or she has written?

Already answered that.

So, there you have it. I have an affinity for the wonderful St. Therese of Liseux. A profound saint of our modern times, actually she was also made a Doctor of the Church for her teachings on the "Little Way" of coming to God.

So, I now tag AdoreTeDevote, Happy Catholic, Domenico Bettinelli of Bettnett.com, ukok of Catholic Mum, and Dawn Eden of The Dawn Patrol, who helped start this whole thing!

There, that is the Lonely Man's first meme!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Check this pic out

I did a google image search on the word, 'whimsy' and found this pic.

Isn't it sweet?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Okay, about RCIA


I opened up our prayer time this week talking about the first time I prayed. Do you remember the first time you prayed?

When I was about 5 we went to stay with my grandmother for a few weeks. During conversation she talked about praying to God. I took that to heart and that night started just talking with God. I did that for a few nights and brought it up to her one day and she said, "No, honey. We just can't pray like that. You have to pray the proper way."

So, my dear old grandma both started and killed my early prayer life. But, nonetheless, the experience stuck with me and today a lot of my prayers are simply "talking with God."

After all, prayer takes many forms and simple, childlike "talking" with God is a great way to pray. Now, as most of you know, I employ several ways of prayer. The Liturgy of the Hours, Adoration of the Lord before the Holy Eucharist, the Rosary, the Jesus Prayer, the Our Father and other vocal prayers and will soon start learning contemplative prayer.

Having read The Practice Of The Presence Of God I find simple conversative prayer a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Have you read this Christian classic? Do you just talk to God, too, gentle reader?

Another steal from Catholic Mom in Hawaii


Yes! One of my favorite past times.

Don't tell me there are no Catholics in the NFL sports world!

Ha! Let's hear it for the Catholic worldview expressed in sports.

Charles Robinson, of Yahoo! Sports, has written a cool article for fantasy footballers called, Guilty Of Sin.

In it he details seven teams he deems guilty of one of the seven deadly sins. Ha! I say- a treat in more ways than one.

Here's an excerpt:

They are the lessons of avoidance that are supposed to keep us on the path. Stay virtuous, live right and avoid the seven deadly sins: Lust, gluttony, greed, wrath, envy, pride and sloth.

Applied to the NFL landscape, they are merely seven vices that shape the league and fill the sports pages. And believe it or not, each year they shape the Super Bowl chase. So in honor of the vices that sort out the pretenders and contenders, we give you a list of teams that have committed sins that are bound to shape the postseason.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blogger beware- you can't just say anything you want.

Some idiot blogged defamatory comments about his lawyer and got busted for libel to the tune of $50,000. It was in the USA Today.

Banks (the lawyer), saying the postings were false, sued Milum (the blogger). And last January, Milum became the first blogger in the USA to lose a libel suit, according to the Media Law Resource Center in New York, which tracks litigation involving bloggers. Milum was ordered to pay Banks $50,000.

So, you just say whatever you like. Here's a definition of libel:

A false publication, as in writing, print, signs, or pictures, that damages a person's reputation.
In other words you can't lie about someone. You can tell the truth and damage someone's reputation, but you can't lie about it.

So, gentle reader, let's be careful out there.

Career decision in the making


Need prayer for guidance, folks.

I am considering making a career move. A month before I got fired my mother sort of challenged me, pointing out that this is a town with a great economy and job market and that I could be making a lot more money. She told me how much she was making as a casino dealer. I was flabbergasted!

I had no idea about the tips some of these casinos bring in. She owns three houses and is currently adding to her real estate holdings. I'm struggling to make rent.

Now, it will take years to make half the income she is making. But half of what she is taking in is almost twice what I was making before my demise. Now, I am at a crossroads. I could go back into the banking industry and be a collector in a call center. But I would still be living a crap shoot. I literally have to make bonus just to cover my monthly nut, and making bonus is not guaranteed.

Now, I have an opportunity to live at a place for about 6 months practically rent free, thanks to the Catholic Worker (btw, my landlady told me today that I could stay- it felt good to tell her that I may go anyways). You see, to get started in the dealing business you have to start at a break-in house where you earn squat in tips. I have dealt blackjack before. I figure in 6 months of dealing I could work myself into a casino that would pay $100 a night in tips. This would put me at the level where I was last month in collections. The rest would be working on my games and improving my skills and graduating to higher paying casinoes.

So, I want the Lord to check my motives and to keep me clearheaded so that I don't do anything foolish. Last time I dealt I loved working with the people. I was a natural entertainer. The spotlights are on me and everybody is facing me and well, I like to make people feel good and I am good at it. The moral climate, however, wore me down. The prevalance of pleasure seeking females, the proximity to gambling and my status with my bipolar and impulsivity served to bring me down. Nowadays I am happily celibate, no longer driven by inordinate desires, am steeped in prayer via Adoration and the Divine Office and it truly seems I have been healed of my bipolar symptoms- have I shared that miracle with you? There are many level headed dealers in this town who are making killer money and living responsibly, my mother and stepfather, for example.

I was rather anxious this morning when I thought that the way casinos dominate your schedule that I would have to give up my first Saturday of the month for the Carmelites until I called my mom and she pointed out that day shifts are hard to come by as a newbie and that I would most likely work a late swing shift which would leave me enough time for my Carmelite meetings. That was a relief. I didn't want to have to give up my spiritual growth for this new career. RCIA may be a problem, though. And that causes me to grieve.... Wednesdays are slow days for casinos so maybe I could get them off.

So, gentle readers, here I am at a crossroads leaning on your prayer support. Ask the Lord to give me wisdom as I discern my future here.

Thanks in advance.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I said something worth repeating.



Jill is a wonderful, valiant young woman who has suffered much. She has been called by our Lord to the cross of multiple miscarriages. I think they number at six- she has just suffered one in the past month or so. The poor dear- she is very brave and plods on through life.

Well, after a month of silence following her last miscarriage she started blogging again. And in this post she talks about how she feels overwhelmed about potential losses that are looming in her future. She talks about how she has gotten "rather flinchy" about the potential health problems several of her loved ones are currently experiencing. She is having problems enjoying the here and now with each of them because she is anticipating their potential demise and can't help but guard herself against the possible pain that will arise should the Lord call them home.

Here is an example:

On the surface, it was a pleasant mother/daughter moment, but for me it had a bittersweet flavor. My mom is 79 and has health problems. I couldn't prevent the thought from crossing my mind that my mom might not be here when those larkspur seeds bloom next summer.
Likewise, when my dad opened his birthday gifts from me during the same visit with a pleased look on his face, it was slightly bittersweet for me. The dread passed over me of eventually having to find that book and that shirt as I sort through his things one sad day.

So, I commented with some rather wise words to this post. Today she thanked me for that comment. I say that they are wise words because I got them from a source I highly respect.
There is this Holy Spirit inspired author, of course she is British, as are most of my favorite authors, Tolkien, Lewis and Chesterton, this author's name is Elizabeth Goudge. She wrote a trilogy about the Eliot family in England that I have read at least five times. Yes, folks, it's that good.

Well, in the first novel, Bird In The Tree, the protagonist, David, reflects on a passage of one of his favorite poems. In that musing he thinks about the concept of 'relinquishing.' He thinks about how much he likes the concept of relinquishing the things of life that we treasure as we age: our youth, health, good looks and other things. He envisions a god who takes these things that we relinquish and uses them as golden and silver building blocks to make a temple for us as we sacrifice them. A beautiful temple, which speaks of the justice of God who lets no thing we suffer over ever be wasted. He redeems every pain we experience and makes of it a beautiful thing that will benefit us throughout eternity.

Isn't God wonderful?

Well, so that is what inspired me to write words that were profitable to this dear soul and I think to all of us. So here is what I said:

As for the anticipatory feelings, I think that such experiences in life are really some of the crosses we must bear. Moses prayed in Psalm 90 that the Lord would teach us about the shortness of our lives that we gain a heart of wisdom.

As we age we must relinquish things we prize in life. Our health, beauty, loved ones, etc., they all pass on. But we have a God who takes these things as we relinquish them and uses them as building stones for our heavenly temple, creating gain, incredible, mind-boggling and beautiful gain for us amidst our losses.

Embrace the loss and the tarnish the anticipation puts on the "now" moments of your life, remembering that we have a just God who loves us and rewards us for all our losses.

So there you have it. Words of wisdom from a lonely man. Every loss and every experience of suffering is redeemed by our Lord who misses nothing and is the epitome of redemption. So let us rejoice in our losses and take comfort in our sufferings. We are the children of the Lord who loves us so thoroughly that we can never truly experience a complete loss. All is redeemed for all is covered by his incomprehensible love!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today is Respect Life Sunday


A fitting thing to celebrate, the sanctity of life for the unborn.

So many of us love babies, they are little bundles of God's beauty, of innocence and delight. It only takes a little imagination to project the same value on pre-born babies.

I really don't know what to say about this day. Let us make our stand for the unborn in our culture today, looking forward to the day we rid our land of this horrendous plague.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on us, a nation of sinners.

Time has slipped by.

Wow, I haven't posted since Wednesday!

Been kind of busy at my new job. I've been reading other blogs just not posting any here.

Well, what's been going on in the Lonely Man's life? I am reading excerpts from Story Of A Soul, the autobiograpy of St. Therese of Lisieux. It is an absorbing read. Her first person descriptions of episodes of her life are compelling. I can relate to her as she describes her life. Right now I'm reading when she was around 15, the age she joined the Carmelite convent.

She describes her early time there as a time of suffering. And she embraces her suffering so well. She is not complaining about it or wishing it would soon go away. She is actually welcoming the suffering and praying that it doesn't stop. Oh, the stuff that the heart of a saint consists of! I am soooooo quick to pray for a release from my suffering it isn't funny. I feel chagrined at her attitude. She is so noble. Hmmm, I really, really don't want to start praying for more suffering in my life. I guess that means I'll never be canonized....

Oh- today is her feast day!

Lord, bless me as I ponder the life of St. Therese. Help me to aspire to noble heights such as is seen in her life.

St. Therese, pray for me that I may be pleasing to my Lord, that I may love my Lord as you loved him as a teenager. I am weak and dull of heart, seek the Lord's mercies for me, O little flower.