Friday, January 20, 2006

A sad day in Vegas...

Yes, a sad day today. I got the call from my sister at work 3 hours ago. My grandmother died.
She got pneumonia last month and was admitted to the hospital from her nursing home. Her health declined steadily. She left the hospital for another nursing home last Tuesday where all expected her to pass on. I visited her yesterday with my sister and said goodbye and that I loved her. I don't know if she understood. She had an advanced case of Alzheimer's. She had forgotten how to swallow which hastened her death since she kept pulling her feeding tube out. She looked very relaxed yesterday. 9 days ago she was quite pale and breathing very heavily. She had a healthy shade of pink yesterday and was breathing easily.
I didn't get very close to her because she never knew who I was. Alzheimer's is a strange disease. I hope I don't get it. All the medical staff loved her personality, though. Everyone enjoyed her.
So, you Catholics, please pray for the repose of her soul. Everyone else who prays please pray for the salvation of my sister and mother through this and for a deeper conversion of the rest of us to the Lord's heart.

But my stepdad is doing better. He was hospitalized again 10 days ago with high blood pressure. He only stayed for a few days. He is home now raring to go. Please pray for him, too.

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Barry said...

Thanks for that blog Tim. My condolences to you and your family at this time! Remembering all your prayer requests.