Thursday, March 02, 2006

Old dead car/ Hot new car

So my head gasket bit the dust this week I find out after I cough up $330 for a new water pump and the repair is priced at around $1500, so you know what that means for the old gray Caddie- hasta la vista, baby. She was a great car. Five years for $1500, not bad, ya know.

I just got approved for a $10,000 car loan! So I have to find a hot new Cadillac. But then again, I just looked at a 98 Lincoln Town Car with 60,000 miles that was mighty sweet. Doesnt look sexy like a Caddy, though. Has great power and is so smooth and has a great sound system. And under the hood it is so clean and glammed out. Hmm.

Chris, my oldest, and I are going to car shop tomorrow. Gonna check out the privately owned Caddies in the classifieds for a hottie.

Please pray for me to find the perfect car. Thanks in advance.

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