Monday, March 10, 2008

Lets do a Redo in Manhattan Beach, baby!


Just me and you, dreamgirl!

Two good, good friends and lovers had a complicated weekend with unknown symptoms colliding with misunderstand after misunderstanding with some bipolar sleep deprivation and ADD impulsivity thrown in just to make it more interesting, And they both decided they really need and deserve a Redo.

So, it's off to Manhattan Beach for a couple hours.

They really, really like each other and walked into a difficult weekend, but, hey, there's always the second chance, right?

So, they'll try to hold hands on the beach. He may splash her with water just to hear her sweet feminine-voiced scream. They'll see if there's a nice sunset. She may give him a hickey where it counts.

And he'll buy them dinner and have some beer and she may even tell him to take his Levitra if circumstances are right. He'll bring pillows and towels and massage oil and be grateful that his passenger front seat lies totally flat. And they can find a nice, private spot after its dark and steam up the windows!

Orrrr, if they're feeling really randy they may find a secluded spot on the beach and give each other those incredible, never-before, dreamy-eyed, heavenly xxxxxxxx.

Or they could just be two lovely young people who had a really good couple hours together.

Adventureboy + Adventuregirl = ______________________

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