Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It was a lovely memorial service

Well, we had a small memorial service for my grandmother. There was only me, my brother and sister and my oldest son, Chris and my daughter, Serenity. Father George presided over the memorial service and he was wonderful. He introduced himself to us before and was very warm and human when he gave his sermon about the hope of heaven and was very pleasant afterwards while we thanked him. I really wanted him to preside over the service and I am glad we got him.

Afterwards we went out to eat a late breakfast. We had the best time just talking about her and our childhood. It was a warm exchange of family love.

Funny how it takes things like funerals to get families to touch each other. We aren't the warmest of families but we have our moments. May the Lord strengthen our love that we would be more supportive of each other. And may he strengthen the love of your family and friends, dear reader.

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Barry said...

Im Glad all went well big fella for this special service! May your family be blessed at this time.