Monday, November 14, 2005

Another day in the Lonely Man's life

Actually, not so lonely, but I covered that in my last post.

I am at the Rainbow Library checking out my fantasy football team score. I beat my archrival, hurray!

I saw my mother and stepfather last night. He looked like a wizened hobbit with big ears sticking out on a bald head. He has been awfully sick of late. His kidney disease is getting the best of him. He almost died a couple of months ago. Long weeks, weeks! in intensive care.... We had a deathwatch going for awhile there.

They are planning on Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house. My lovely daughter wants to bake or cook something. She loves to cook and have people enjoy her food. I love that about her. It's good that she is easy to please in that respect. A woman needs to be easy to please. Hear that, ladies, be easy to please and men will enjoy your company.

I just emailed my Irish friend. He is considering a fast. I told him the virtues fasting held for me but he wants to do one for 40 days. An ambitious lad, he is! He is a wonderful soul who is fearlessly searching out his anxieties that Christ would fill every nook and cranny of his soul and present him to the Father with no blemish or defect. Courage is what the lad is all about.

I want to write a poem about St. Augustine's mother, Monica. Her prayers for her son's sanctity are said to have been baptized in tears. Would that I had a mother who prayed to the Lord for me thus.... I'll call it Monica's Tears. I'll post it here when I am done.

Well, that is what this day in the life of the Lonely Man looks like.

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