Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My goodness time has flown!

Well, I haven't posted since I became a full fledged Catholic. AND, it's been a year since I started this blog! Last November I was thinking I was lonely. This November I beg to differ.
I don't feel lonely at all. My life is rather full. I did have a girlfriend for a couple of months, a shortlived affair and even with the demise of that relationship, I still don't feel lonely. I might have to change the title of my blog.
I am happy to be attending Mass, taking the Eucharist and helping out with RCIA (that's where people go to become Catholics). I thank God for the Sacrament of Confession. How do Protestants live a godly life without it?

Well, what is going on lately?

My daughter is learning how to drive! Oh my stars, every time I pick her up to give her a ride it's, "Can I drive, Dad?" My heart is torn between pleasing one of the loves of my life and the fear of getting into an accident. After all, she is my baby! Oh, the wings are spreading and soon she'll fly away.... *Sigh*

I am adapting well to my new position at work. I even earned a small bonus for last month's labors. Things are looking a little bleak this month. Got to get on the ball....

I am fasting one day a week for repentence and self control. What a relief this brings me. I feel more confident in myself and freer now that sin isn't driving me mad. I had a terrible bout with temptation a month ago, a reaction to the demise of my relationship with THAT girl.

I read the Mitford Years series of novels. Oh my goodness, folks! If you like a good read then you got to read this series. They are NY Times bestsellers and they leave you with a good feeling about life. They are about small town living and the loveliness that Christ adds to life. You'll fall in love with a dozen characters and the town of Mitford. And did you know there is a whole cyber Mitford community? They are at and they add to the joy of this wonderful series of books. Get the first one, At Home In Mitford, but be careful, they are addicting!

I'm emailing a fellow Catholic in Ireland who I met at a Christian conference on the healing of the soul (which recommended the Mitford books) years ago. We've kept in touch and the last three weeks have been emailing daily. We are ministering to each other with the flow of the Holy Spirit.

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