Monday, November 28, 2005

Poker night with the kids

Well, I had the kids over Saturday at my friend's house which I am housesitting. All of them, except for my beloved Jon, who is 22, who is studying in Memphis, were present. That's Josh, Serenity and Chris, the oldest. That would be 19, 16 and 25 years old respectively.

I made Tim's famous Garlic Guacamole and some chili mac. Later we bought some Hornsby's apple cider ale, supposedly more alcohol than beer but I didn't feel it.

We had a great time playing Texas Hold'em and arguing how the game should be dealt. My daughter and I were beating up on Josh who kept wanting to be the dealer and wouldn't rotate who started first. I only had a couple hundred poker chips so we had to keep restarting once someone won them all.

We kept Chris up an hour later than he wanted to. He had to sleep that night before his graveyard shift started.
Parental sidenote here: I protested to him about working a graveyard shift when his first priority in life is his schooling. He ended up failing his two classes he took this semester and had to withdraw, which is throwing a major cog in his school plans, let alone that he has to pay back the financial aid he got for the semester. He blames his horsing around with friends vice studying. I tried to point out to him that going against the sleep pattern throws him off his stride and makes it too burdensome for him to properly study.
But anyways, he won the whole stack of chips the most times, so he is the night's winner.

It felt good to host my children for a night of fun. I rarely cook and that was a blessing to me and them. We had moments of genuine fun and they got to relate to each other in a way they rarely do, since the two younger ones don't see their oldest brother much. "I can't believe you're 25," my daughter said to Chris. I want to have more poker nights. Gotta see if my roommate would mind.


Well, my Irish friend, Barry, started up his own blog: Congratulations to our friend from the green island. Learned a few things about him I didn't know. Now I know another narcissist in the blogworld. Heh!

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