Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter is coming!

I actually like this time of year in some ways more than Christmas. It's springtime, of course, but there is also the lack of childhood woundedness that the Yuletide season awakens. Maybe some decade I'll get over all that stuff. May the grace of God through his Church heal me from all wounds.

All kinds of things are happening this year. I took three days off, the three high holy days of the Triduum. Today is the first day. I slept in and did Morning Prayers with the people at Church. Then I'm going to a barbeque and then to Holy Thursday mass and then Taize ( special type of contemplative prayer thru singing) under the stars afterwards.

Tomorrow I will go with folks from the Catholic Worker to do the Stations of the Cross out at the Nevada Test Site and then I'll watch my liberal friends protest and cross the no-trespass line and get arrested, praying for them to be converted to the right side (hehe- please, folks, no offense intended). Then Good Friday service, one of my favorites of the year, with its veneration of the Cross.

Then Saturday will be Morning Prayer again and then special time with the converts in RCIA. I'm also gonna take my son out to Macaroni Grill for his birthday around 2:00. (Pray for him, he needs godly influences in all areas) Then I'll pick up my friend, Monica, to go to Holy Saturday Easter vigil mass for the culmination of the season. Easter Sunday I will rest and go to Mark's barbeque. Then I'll have Monday off to recover, heh.... Hmm, maybe I'll try to have the kids over.

May your Easter be blessed! May you come to terms with the fact that the Creator of the Universe and of your very own soul suffered for you, died for you and rose again from the dead for you. May you be set free from the very things that tear at your soul and be found forever heaven bound living a life of love, good works and freedom from sin.

Happy Easter!

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