Sunday, April 23, 2006

Easter was wonderful!

Well, Easter week was wonderful. I did so much....

I hung out with a bunch of college kids a lot. We went out of town to a campfire and sang under the stars. I read my inspirational poetry and it was well received. They really liked the one about St. Monica. That mildly surprised and delighted me. Mark said hearing them recited by the campfire was like a spiritual experience and he's heard all my poems before. Can't get better than that for a poet.

All the adult Catholic babies got baptized or confirmed and received first communion. What a joy to see them start out on their new journey of faith. My friend, Monica, went with me to Easter Vigil, the long mass that is the climax of the Catholic year (that's where they got baptized, confirmed and received first communion) and she loved it. Said it went by so fast. She really liked that the mass starts out in the dark.... I love the smell of the incense and the fact that we can all share the Eucharist as one in celebration of Jesus' resurrection.

Today, a week later, after mass, the new Catholics shared how the Easter week events shaped their new lives in the Lord. We sat outside under the spring sun and cool breeze enjoying it all. It was beautiful. That's what I like about the Catholic Church, there is so much spiritual beauty....

Last night we went back out under the stars. This time we had a retired nun and Peter, a seventy something young man with a beautiful singing voice with us. They have their liberal lack of insight, but are wonderful people nonetheless. We celebrated Earth day. I proposed a toast to the good earth. Thankfully no one prayed to the so-called goddess.... That would have grieved me. We drank a little wine and had cheese, crackers and fruit and sang a few songs. The stars were out in fine form which is such a novelty for us city dwellers. Saw Orion's belt and his bow and arrow. Another beautiful night with good people.

I hope you had a good and inspiring Easter. I hope the new life of Christ's resurrection has and will find its way into your heart. And remember the Catholic Church celebrates Easter for a few weeks so don't think it's over. It's just begun!


Anonymous said...

I commented ot Las Vegas, my name is Karen. I'm glad to hear you are doing well, the campfire is inspiring! I, too, write poetry. Would be interested in exchaging inspiration!

Tim said...

Sure, Karen. Do you have a blog? Was it you that sent me that poem a few days ago?

Anonymous said...

Ah - well, not too sure how entertained I would be at that campfire - must be my liberal lack of insight, eh?

Anyway, the blog is decent - full of interesting things and all - but how come you got a Cadillac? And I am not entire certain what you meant by the Town Car having power - rather slow in my book :D

Take care,


Tim said...

Cadillac's where it's at, baby. The only car for me.