Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More prayer


We could all use more prayer, right?

Well, please pray for my daughter's car to be repaired quickly and inexpensively. She's had a couple of breakdowns recently.

Pray for Jonathan and I. He's my second oldest son who just got back from college. Pray that our relationship will be blessed.

Continue to pray for Monica's depression to lift. It has improved some, thank God.

Pray that I will maintain a humble spirit as God blesses me in different ways. Pray that I would grow in holiness and gain in wisdom and knowledge. That I would be blessed with many graces from God.

And I pray, dear reader, for you. That God would bless your health and finances. That he would give you love, faith, a soft heart towards him, wisdom, peace, a spirit of repentance, righteousness and humility. That you would be granted eternal life as you totally submit your life to him and obey him in every way.

Thank you for praying, my friends.

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