Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blogging on

Well, another blog post in so many days....

I got my car back after three weeks and too much money later. It sure runs good, though, it really needed a tune-up, which it got and now it accelerates like a charm.

I am at my folk's house, getting ready for an early Thanksgiving dinner, this we always due since we are a casino family and must work the holidays. I'm waiting for my two older boys to show and only have a half hour before I must leave for work. Those are the two who never return my phone calls, they also are pit clerks here in town. There's a prayer need- for my two older boys and I to begin relating to each other....

Well, looks like I'm going to build a budget computer and start blogging from home instead of the internet cafe.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!!!!

Update: I had to leave for work before my boys got there. I only got to see my two younger kids and my dear sister.... sadness. Prayers for restoration of our relationship, please.

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Mary - Shia said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, and God Bless you.