Friday, November 03, 2006

Words of wisdom for me, I think...

I just discovered a great blog by a Dominican priest, Father Philip N. Powell from Irving, Texas who is a preacher and professor at the University of Dallas.

In a post entitled, Only the rich go to heaven... he says some great things:

The public sign of our abundant riches is not the Lexus, the Gucci wardrobe, the Rolex, or the micro-mansion in Plano. The public sign of our wealth in Christ Jesus is our willingness to serve through good works, our eagerness to repent and to forgive, our excitement at the chance to witness to our trust in God, our ready obedience to one another, and our humility before the historic faith. And even with these the riches of God’s grace are immeasurable. What is prosperity? What is wealth? What is abundance? What is any of this held against the infinite progress of His gift of life and eternal life?

I have to keep my head on straight as I go through the lifestyle change of earning good money, if indeed this is the Lord's will for me. Words such as these are to be my guideposts. He goes on to say:

It is true: only the rich go to heaven. Only those greatly blessed with great wealth will see God face-to-face after death. In fact, there’s not much point in the poor struggling now for heaven later. If we will not take the treasures given freely by God now, there’s no hope of finding ourselves in the crowd around the throne later. Everything you need to live abundantly is freely given by the Father through His Son in the Holy Spirit. Your life is freely given. Your redemption is freely given. Your blessings are freely given. Your sins are freely forgiven. And you are brought to the Divine Life pristine, glorious, and free. Only the rich see God face-to-face. Only those rich in His mercy, only those freed as His possessions.

You have to do a search on his blog to find this post. Use the title I posted above in bold print for the rest of this great post by a great priest.

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