Monday, December 05, 2005

Holiday trees? Bah, humbug!

Well, now they have taken Christmas out of Christmas. I can smell college educated personnel at work here. As Rush says about those who have been trained at liberal universities, their skulls are scooped full of mush.
I got motivated by this nonsense and posted about it at's forum as well as a quote from the Federalist Patriot. Then I decided to send a letter to the editor at our local paper the Las Vegas Review Journal.
Here it is:

To the editor:

What a colossal blunder major retailers have made in censoring Christmas from one of the nation’s biggest holidays. Holiday trees? Bah, humbug!
I can think of no better way to anger the general public at large than this ludicrous censorship.
And there are those who say that Christians should know that the “world” will hate them and we should expect and accept such treatment.
I say, not in America, baby. We aren't a pagan nation with a pagan majority. We are a Christian majority who refuses to be treated with contempt by a vocal anti-Christ minority.
You can't let the barbarians win a single battle. They must be put in their place.
The majority protesters of this censorship are saying this to the college trained politically correct corporate weenies of America:
"Stick it in your ear, it's a CHRISTMAS tree, get over it!"

Hehe, I love tweaking the noses of elitist busybodies....

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Barry said...

Thanks for that blog Tim. Well done on writing that challenging article! Yesterday I helped erect a Christmas with several of the patients here at work.