Friday, December 09, 2005

And then he went into cardiac arrest...

That's right, gentle reader, my stepdad almost died. On the way to the hospital he went into cardiac arrest in the ambulance. The paramedics had to pull over and defibrillate his heart. And less than two weeks later he is resting at home. A Christmas miracle!
He has been ill for the past several years with some rare kidney disease. The past six months he has been in and out of intensive care.
He is my stepdad and at first I was indifferent towards him but the years have melted my heart. He is a wonderful man with keen insight who keeps a steady pace through life and has earned the love and respect of all his stepkids and grands.
He has had little appetite for a few weeks now and was low on his electrolytes and that coupled with his heart medicine almost did him in. I got several people in the community to pray for him. He still has no appetite but maybe he can get IV solutions administered like they do to NFL football players and people who've had fevers and are dehydrated. Once a week for a refresher, maybe?
Please pray for him to recover his health and to be at total peace with the Lord. I want to be with him in heaven.


Barry said...

Hey Tim
Thanks for posting this! I will pray for him. Im glad your relationship with him is good, one that has taken work, persistence by you and your siblings. God Bless you step dad now and the wider family, in Jesus name. Amen

Barry said...
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