Friday, December 23, 2005

Have a Merry Christmas....

I got off work early today- got a three day weekend for Christmas. I wanted to blog today and the libraries were closed for Christmas. My oldest son, who has an internet connection and lives close by, wasn't answering his phone so I came to WebJoy but I forgot it didn't open until 11 am. I had a couple of hours to kill. I sat in the parking lot wondering if I should Christmas shop or wait for the after- Christmas sales since my family isn't celebrating Christmas until Tuesday.

I sat there for a couple of minutes and then my cell phone rang and I thought to myself that this would determine what I would do. It was Barry from Ireland! He called to let me know he sent a Christmas gift and to wish me a Merry Christmas. We also had been planning on talking for over a month. So we chatted for over an hour about life, our foibles, the Catholic church in Ireland (they can go to confession daily there!), our families and our spiritual disciplines we practice. I learned that Barry almost joined the US Marines when he was here in the 90s. What a surprise that was. After we talked I finished These High Green Hills, a Mitford novel in my Caddy. By then WebJoy was open. A perfect morning!

So here I am blogging away.

Now, I don't know what to blog. Well, let's see... Christmas day I will go over to Mark's to exchange gifts. I don't know what to get them.... I haven't done any shopping yet. Had to wait for payday. Then we will go to Chris and Missy's for Christmas dinner. I had to apologize to Missy for my big mouth. I had offended her last time they had a barbeque. I didn't know it until last week. My ADD mouth can get me into trouble, I sometimes say things without thinking of the consequences. Making amends is a good thing. Though I hate having to do it cuz I messed up, I am glad it is available as a way to restore human contact. I learned a lot about that when I thought I was an alcoholic and took the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. A wonderful program for all types of problems, btw. She told me I didn't have to apologize but had to go because of a family emergency. I felt like I was in a quandary cuz my making amends wasn't complete and was trying to figure when would be a good time to call her back. But she called Mark the next day and told him I was very welcome to come over for Christmas. What a good feeling that bit of news was! I like life.

The sun is shining today with some high clouds. It is 60 degrees with no breeze. A great climate, though I wish it were colder for Christmas. It is 4 degrees Celsius in Ireland. I'm guessing that's around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Barry said he could walk around without a jacket so it can't be too cold. Wait, I'll surf the net and get a conversion from C to F.

I was right. 4 C is 39.2 F. He is warm-blooded. 60 F is 15.5 C. A bit warmer here.

What is the high temperature where you are at? Leave a comment.

What are you doing on Christmas day, gentle reader? Inquiring minds want to know.

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