Monday, December 19, 2005

Pizza and cards...

Had most of my kids over last night for Texas hold 'em and pizza. My youngest son, Josh, couldn't be there cuz he had to study for his finals. Jon came home for the holidays night before last and we all had a great time laughing and carrying on. I was the first to run out of chips. Then Chris went out and Jon and Serenity went at it for a few more hands before she went out.

We ordered pizza and salad, Chris had brought over cokes. We were chomping away between hands.

It was fun to see my blessed not-so-little ones teasing each other and laughing. My daughter kept anteing up for me as my chips dwindled in her sweet sympathy.

Then time was up and after hugging my boys I took Serenity home. We climbed into her new used car her aunt got for a heck of a price which she will sell to her. She drove under her learner's permit to Target where she shopped for her Christmas list and I gave her moral support as she decided what to get for her friends and family. She kept saying how delighted she was to drive her bright red 96 Grand Am. It's a blessing to see your child being delighted.

So, Christmas is around the corner, less than a week away. I might be able to go to a Christmas dinner with friends which would be a real treat. My family will celebrate Christmas a couple days later cuz of various work schedules. It looks to be a full time of celebrations this year.

I have to be creative for gifts this year. Might try and write a poem for each of my kids....


Javier Marti said...

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Vanessa said...

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