Friday, December 03, 2004

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Well, here I am again, sitting at a semi-public computer terminal. Alone.
There are a couple of girls here hanging out with some boys who are playing games here at the internet cafe. They are standing and giggling to my left. Must be about 14 years old like my daughter.
I came here to the internet cafe because my best friend is attending a church function and I didn't feel like being home alone. I often hang out with him. So, since I don't have my home computer connected to the internet, I tinkered with my fantasy football team, checked my emails, my bank account and the weather. I visited Peggy Noonan's website: and ate two bags of Doritos and drank a Pepsi and smoked a cigar filled with pipe tobacco.
I took my fifteen year old daughter to Starbucks before I came here. She is ticked at her "stupid" brother for forgetting her bag when they went Christmas shopping which had two gift T-shirts for her karate instructors. I tried to get her to go to the movies with me tomorrow but she may be too busy Christmas shopping and practicing with her Irish Step dancing partner. I stopped by Papa John's to see if my eighteen year old son wanted to go to the movies tomorrow. He said he'd like to but he has to study for finals for his Japanese class.
I got two free movie tickets burning a hole in my pocket I earned at work for putting in 4 hours of overtime. I might work OT tomorrow so I won't be lonely.
You see the theme here?

Well, I went on my quasi-date. My Guamanian friend, just the sweetest, outgoing, smiley gal, had her Hawaiian girlfriend pick me up at work in her bigass van. We drove to the Rio (I live in Vegas, btw) to their convention rooms and went into this huge, darkened room with dozens and dozens of dinner tables with blue tablecloths stretched all over the place. I forgot how big of a company I work for. The food was exquisite, the band sucked and I danced terribly, so did my Guamanian friend. First girl I danced with who was worse than me. Ooh, that's mean, isn't it?
I don't know whether I should reveal her name. Isn't there privacy concerns here?
I think she's too young for me. I am 44 and she's either late 20's or early 30's. But she is so sweet. When she sees me at work she says, "how are you, honey?" Sigh.
I do this with my mood swings. At one end of the spectrum I am all lonely and wrapped up with thoughts of what girl I could get to know. At the other end of my mood swing scale I am scared to death to think that I could be in a relationship and thinking that I am crazy for making moves to get to know girls.
I have a wierd life. Do you? Or are you, gentle reader, one of those normal people? If so, does this diatribe interest you at all? Please leave a comment. I am a curious individual.


vanissa said...

hi tim. you left a post on my blog about taking meds for i know you?? -vanissa.

~pen~ said...

okay tim - out of curiosity, i am visiting your archives.

you have such a sweet heart. i am seeing where you were coming from and marveling at where you are now. you may not be able to see your journey, but i am appreciating it from my viewpoint in nj. at 4:00 a.m. because i couldn't sleep.

for whatever that's worth.

(how did you know i was a gentle reader?)