Saturday, December 04, 2004

A lonely man's Saturday

Well today I'm sitting at the computer in my oldest (24) son's flat. He is studying for finals and can't go to the movies either. He didn't want to go out for lunch either so I brought Chinese food over to his place and we chowed down and here I am.
I chatted with his brother today on AIM who is my 21 year old. He goes to Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN. He is crazy busy with schoolwork now. His engineering class is hectic.
So, I must let you all know. I have 4 children. 3 boys and a girl who is my youngest. They range from 24 to 15. Two kids each from each ex-wife.
I got my first comment today! A girl who has ADD and lives in my hometown of Vegas and is an ardent Catholic and is a good social conservative responded to a comment I placed on her blog. This blog thing is new to me. It's fun and interesting.
Now, I got to figure out how to get my blog some publicity. Is there a Blog Central where we can market ourselves? How will people know that I am here?

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