Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas was great.

I feared it would be like last Christmas. Back when I was having insomnia every 6 weeks. I had nowhere to go. For a couple hours it looked like I could hook up with my daughter but she took off without me and didn't let me know she changed her plans. It was rainy and dark. I called my brother and hemmed and hawed hoping he would invite me over. It was a lonelymans Christmas.

This year though I planned ahead. I spent several hours over at my friend's house watching them open their presents. Then I went to a movie. A movie! Did you know that theaters are packed on Christmas day? All these years there's been a Christmas movie cultural movement that I've been totally ignorant of. It sort of felt like magic, watching a movie on the most important day of the year. I am IM'ing a friend and she thinks it is pathetic. But it was kind of special. The movie was great, too. "Spanglish" was the name and it was very charming and well acted.
I had a great Christmas, how about you?


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