Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Update on moodswings and stuff

Well, it seems prayers have been answered. I haven't shown any other signs of a manic moodswing that would harm me. Sleep is near normal and I'm enjoying life. I don't feel lonely right now. (watch, I've prolly spoken too soon)
I beat the #1 team in my fantasy football league and it looks like I'll make the playoffs. I went Christmas shopping on Amazon.com and got half of my list taken care of. And I'm the kind that waits until Christmas eve to shop!
Work is wierd. Our systems the past couple days have been going down for hours. It's nice to have the time to talk and bond with my coworkers but I need the sales to make bonus....
Tonight I am going to pick up my daughter and go shopping for her brother and shorten my Christmas shopping list even more. I love spending time with my kids. And time with my only daughter is precious indeed.
Take care, gentle reader.

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Marcella said...

thank you for your words on my blog, tim, they were very kind. and more importantly true.