Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dear ole mum- A pictorial review of the upcoming glorious career of the Lonely Man

So, the Lonely Man goes to dealer school a couple of weeks ago and discovers that he hasn't forgot a thing! He was told the week before by a dealer (who makes $80,000/yr) who stopped dealing for three years and then returned, that it's like riding a bicycle, you don't forget.

So the Lonely Man realizes he is ready to go to work as a dealer extraordinaire. He applies at the Flamingo Hotel

and Golden Nugget

and tells his mum about it.

So, mum gets on the network at her workplace (where she makes more than the other dealer) and sets up a "meet" today. So, I am going to meet her at the Imperial Palace today at 1 pm. I am a little hesitant about that cuz I feel I can get a better job on my own. I mean Grace at work, a fellow pit clerk, is moonlighting at the Barbary Coast
and she thinks she's making a Bill a day, that's about $36,ooo/yr. And she got hired there as an inexperienced break-in! Hrrrmph!

But I don't know how much the IP makes these days. Mum used to work there and tells me that I should just get a job anywhere I can to get the necessary experience to qualify for one of those previously mentioned high income levels. But I'd rather do it at a class joint that is making a decent amount of tips- wouldn't you? The IP doesn't enjoy the best reputation here in Vegas....

Perhaps I'm prejudiced. Oh well, time will tell....

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