Monday, February 26, 2007

NV Senator says Pharmacists' Role Akin to Shoe Salesmen....


State senator Michael Schneider (D, of course) basically states that NV pharmacists who conscientiously object to filling deadly prescriptions should just simply fill such orders even as shoe salesmen comply with their customers' shopping decisions. He is quoted saying, "When the doctor prescribes something for the health of the patient, they (pharmacists) have to do it. If they don’t want to do that, they can go sell shoes."

What an insulting bastard.

So, the pharmacist is essentially a mind-numbed robot, not able to provide professional bearing on the medical treatment of his patients? Sen. Schneider wants pharmacists to ignore the Hippocratic oath (First, do no harm) and dispense medical "treatment" that kills an innocent life. Hmmm, sounds to me like the politically correct gods disdain competition.

What an arrogant bastard.

No one, not any highly trained medical professional can defy the will of the PC deities who alone can wreak havoc on every child not yet breathing . They will decide if such pre-born mortals shall live or die. Not some "professional" who would put ethics above the will of the elite. Nor the governing board of said medical professionals; no, only the anointed, the elite, the death-mongering uber-men, can wield this holy power.

A flock of overbearing bastards.

"You shall be like gods," the serpent tempted Eve in the Garden, and, boy, do those politically correct principalities take the serpent seriously. The wrathful vengeance of these legislative gods overflows and who may stand in their path?

Senator Schneider leaves no doubt about the purpose of SB98, which would destroy the Pharmacist's right of conscience. Who cares if the Nevada Constitution says in Art. 1 Section 4, “Liberty of conscience. The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship without discrimination or preference shall be forever allowed in this state…the liberty of conscience is hereby secured…?”

What the hell authority does the Constitution have compared to the powers of the politically correct elite? The Constitution shall be trampled by the uber-men, it is only a trifle in their way. Nay, they shall not allow such technicalities to stand in the way of their doctrine.

What abusive bastards.

Nor shall they allow mere mortals to impose constitutional limits upon them. For they shall be like gods. So, Nevadans will stand idly by, while these evil bastards swat away the Constitutional rule of law and punish those that defy their will, won't they?

Can you say Nancy Becker?


Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, Tiger. You're right on track!

Anonymous said...

A fundamentalist is a fundamentalist, whether they shoud themselves in so-called "Christianity" or declare themselves a part of Al Qaida. It's all the same.

Do you also believe cab drivers should be able to refuse passengers who have a gift box of wine in their possession? It's their job, man.

Or, as your ilk would say:

What a bastard!


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