Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lonely Man gets angry at pro-death advocates

I got appropriately snarky on the comment board for Newsweek's article by George Will, a fine, fine thinker in this modern age, on the death mongering for children diagnosed with birth defects like Down's Syndrome, which his son has.

This just sickens me and causes my blood to boil.

Some medical professionals who conduct birth defect screenings, amniocentesis and all, put all kinds of pressure on vulnerable parents to kill their children in the womb. They. Should. Be. Shot.

Or at least ridiculed, painfully, in public discourse. So, since I can't shoot 'em, I lambasted them.

Here's one of my comments on the thread:

Kill Them- They Are Defective

We modern and progressive folk are a rather deadly sort- to the imperfect. Eugenics is it called? Hitler killed off the defective during the Holocaust. We Americans are quietly and ever so furtively doing the same. Nightmarish though it is, we are like those Nazi @%#$@!!.

How many people do you know who have Down's Syndrome or spina bifida? I knew a little girl in the 80's with spina bifida. Haven't seen any in over a decade. Now I know why. We kill them in the womb. Kinda ghastly and horrific. I've suffered from bipolar disorder, should I have been done away with in the womb? My brother has diabetes, how about him?

Would the world be a better place without people like us? Like you?

Then this lady objects to the use of references to the Nazi Holocaust in this argument, trying to silence the use of good rhetoric. To which I said:

Ad hominem, my ass.

Heh, I kind of liked that turn of the phrase. Snarky, huh?

H/T to Julie of Happy Catholic


Adoro said...

Great comment, great response.

My Dad had Spina Biffeda. My Mom was born with only one hand. She was once told that she could never have children, which was absolutely devastating to her. Then she got pregnant, my brother was born in 1972. As you know, Roe passed in 1973, the year of my own conception. While my Mom was pregnant with me, people would approach her and tell her that "people like you shouldn't have children" and demanded that I be aborted. Mind you, these were perfect strangers! Thank God my Mom has a will stronger than the culture.

Pre-natal eugenics is the greatest evil our world has ever seen.

(Sorry haven't been by in a new computer and I've had to build up my links again).

Kasia said...

I met a man with Down's syndrome just yesterday at the mall. We were standing near each other in a shop and he introduced himself to me. His name is Brian.

Other than Brian (who I will probably never see again, as I rarely visit that mall), the last person I personally met who had Down's was about twenty years ago. I do know a woman who has only one hand (malformed) and one leg, possibly from Thalidimide (I've never asked - not my business). She's married, drives, and has a job - in short, lives a very happy and full life. What a tragedy it would be if she had never been born.

I think the evils of eugenics can be illustrated without a lot of rhetorical flourish (though it's obviously tempting to go there). I don't know whether your comparison to the Nazis falls under 'ad hominem' or just a very upsetting analogy. But you're still fundamentally right.

Tim said...

Hey Kasia,

You said: I don't know whether your comparison to the Nazis falls under 'ad hominem' or just a very upsetting analogy. But you're still fundamentally right.

It doesn't and it is an upsetting analogy, even more upsetting because of its deadly accuracy.

According to Wikipedia, "An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem consists of replying to an argument by attacking or appealing to the person making the argument, rather than by addressing the substance of the argument. ...which consists of criticizing or personally attacking an argument's proponent in an attempt to discredit that argument."

If I had merely shouted, "You're a gorram Nazi!" That would have been such a fallacious argument. But since I merely pointed out that modern day amniocentesis and its "counseling" followup closely resembles what Nazis did during the Holocaust then I am pointing out an historical truth. And, hopefully, the truth shall set my opponents free or at least damn them in the audience's eyes and persuade them to our pro-life point of view.

Anonymous said...