Friday, February 02, 2007

Father George Chaanine- my priest


Tried blogging about this before but was so full of angst that I erased everything and waited for a better time.

Dear reader, what do you do when your favorite priest seems to have acted like a monster? When a man you have affection for attacks an innocent woman in a most heinous manner?

You churn with dark tidal forces deep within. You become shocked, confused, saddened and angry. You question yourself. You question God. You pray.

Well, they caught him outside of Phoenix, AZ, I found out this morning. I only hope he repents fully and says things in the wisest manner. What in the world got into him?

This was very unexpected amongst us parishioners at Our Lady Of Las Vegas. Fr. George has enjoyed the good will and favor of his church members. I have known him as warm, personable, charming and forthright. I never in a million years would have believed he could do such a thing. What madness is afoot here? What darkness has he labored under that would cause such violence? He is either darkened by much evil or is mad, is where I am at today.

And Michealina, the victim, is a beloved cantor here at Our Lady. She has an exceptional singing style, sort of a sophisticated jazziness that belies years of vocal excellence. She seemed humble and upright in all manner of ways. She seems very credible. What a terrible thing to have happened to her.

Pray for us, gentle readers, for Fr. George, Michaelina, the people, the city and public at large.... Pray for us.

A great post on Jimmy Akin about this situation.


ukok said...

I heard about this earlier today and was shocked and horrified also. It must be particularly distressing for you as a parishioner of his parish.

Prayers ascending for Michealina... and yes, also for the priest, that he may repent and confess his sin.

May God strengthen your parish and ease the pain of those who feel betrayed by the actions of a priest whom they believed they could trust with their bodies, and souls.

Lord, have Mercy!

EC Gefroh said...

Tim, this is a very troubling story. I too will pray for both of them. Recently, I've been reading about otherwise normal people acting out of character or even with rage. It is especially shocking when the person is a Catholic priest.

Corvus said...

I was a parishioner of his at St. Anthony of the Desert Mission in El Paso, before he left for Las Vegas. My wife and I share your sense of sadness at this having received the eucharist from him and religious instruction. How incredibly sad. Let us pray for him and for Michaelina.

Anonymous said...

I was a friend of Fr. Georges' here in Wheeling, WV. I've been following the story, with shock and sadness. I, too, held him in high esteem. He lived right across the street from me. I met him shoveling snow, we became friends, and I sang at the church on occassion. He loved Las Vegas, and wanted more than anything to live/work there. It's strange that the thing he most wanted has created such pain and shame for his victim and himself.

Anonymous said...

I would batter the creep so bloody that he would have to be put on life support. NO MERCY. I don't understand this crap about praying for a perp.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this on TV and I was tickled that he was caught. I don't understand why everybody thinks that prayer will help this screwed up Catholic priest. If he messed with anybody in my family, he would never see or hear again. How come you pray for somebody who beats the shi_ out of somebody else? Are you crazy? Cholo

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cholo...we pray for him because we knew him as a kindly man, not as a criminal. Before he became the fugitive priest, he was a person for whom we cared and who cared about us. Something inside him went terribly wrong. He did the crime, he'll do the time, and I will pray for his return to sanity and wholeness.

Anonymous said...

I know that much time has elapsed before I come foward but here this: Justice comes to those who incite falsehood in themselves and onto others and Justice like good and evil always balances out. Father George I observed was in a vulnerable position since he liked clasic/and or romantic music, had an apreciation for art and women as well. A woman who supports and feeds a man's passion and a priests passion for the arts would also be vulnerable. Weak can both be and forgiveness should both seek. 1 year before this happened I predicted we'd see him in the headlines.

Anonymous said...

As his personal assistant and her daughter, I'd like to one day forgive the entirety of it all, including everyone involved. We are all His children no matter our actions.

Anonymous said...

And the opinions of everyone scrutinizing.

Anonymous said...