Thursday, August 17, 2006

Conservative Catholic magazine that is faithful to the Church now has its subscription at a rock bottom price!


CRISIS magazine is at it again. They are offering annual subscriptions for only $10.00.
I was offered this 2 or 3 years ago through an email campaign and have ate up every issue since! This is a quality conservative Catholic magazine that writes mainly about political and cultural issues of our day. They did a full issue strictly on John Paul the Great after his passing that was beautifully done. The book reviews are top quality and their feature articles are the best. They even did an article on communion rails for you stalwart ones out there.
Check it out, it's worth the money. Click here to get the discount rate.
Here is the link to subscribe to their free e-letter.

Here is the latest e-letter in its entirety.


Taking Back The Church? Crisis Magazine e-LetterAugust 17, 2006*

Before I get to the e-Letter, I want to let you know that for the next week, we're offering a full year subscription to Crisis Magazine for only $10. You can get a new subscription, a gift subscription, or renew your subscription for just ten bucks. I'll give you all the details at the end of this letter. In the meantime, you can click here to order:

Dear Friend,I've come to a conclusion about dissenting Catholics and how they compare to their more faithful counterparts. Here it is: Faithful Catholics start families. Dissenting Catholics start organizations.If you need proof for the second point, I give you Take Back Our Church, the newest dissident group on the block. Started four months ago by former Jesuit and Newsweek contributing editor Robert Blair Kaiser and California businessman Robert Miller, the group joins an already crowded gaggle of dissenting organizations.So, what differentiates Take Back Our Church from Call to Action, or FutureChurch, or Voice of the Faithful, or The Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church, or any other similar group?Good question.Take Back Our Church's Web site is stuffed with the same nonsense you've read before: The Catholic Church is authoritarian... Current Church leaders have turned their backs on Vatican II... The faithful need to reclaim their Church, and reshape it to match their needs. And so on.None of this is terribly surprising, given Kaiser's involvement in the project. He came out with a book earlier this year entitled, “A Church in Search of Itself: Benedict XVI and the Battle for the Future.” If you don't have time to read it, let me give you a quick synopsis: The Fathers of Vatican II ushered in a golden age of openness, tolerance, and progressive action. Unfortunately, the dark forces of John Paul II and his diabolical collaborator, Josef Cardinal Ratzinger, clamped down on this movement of the Spirit, dragging the Church back to the Dark Ages. In light of this, thinking Catholics need to reclaim their Church... and maybe even start an American Catholic Church of their own (more on this in a moment).Sound familiar? This is the same tired song we've heard from all the other grey-haired dissidents of Kaiser's generation. Of course, there's an added note of desperation in this latest entry. The years are starting to thin the ranks of Kaiser's allies, and even liberal commentators acknowledge that younger Catholics are noticeably more orthodox than their elders. So if you're Robert Blair Kaiser, now is the time to act, before the dissident generation is no more. And here's where it gets really interesting...You see, Kaiser's organization is calling for more than just reform... they want an autochthonous American Catholic Church. An autochthonous Church isn't the same as an autonomous Church, as Kaiser is quick to point out on the Web site. Rather, an autochthonous Church is a native Church... an ecclesial body organized and run by people in that specific country. In the autochthonous Church of Kaiser's dreams, the faithful would elect their own bishops. But that's not all:“We will write a Declaration of Autochthony, one that will challenge our priest-people and our people-people to work out a constitution for the American Church that carefully puts aside the Rome-based secretive, half-vast, culturally-conditioned legalisms codified in canon law in return for the kind of servant Church envisioned at Vatican II.”So... a democratic Church with elected bishops and a national ecclesial constitution. If all of that sounds more political than spiritual, it's no coincidence. According to Take Back Our Church's July 4 e-mail to supporters:“This will be a political battle in a Church that has gotten us used to the idea that there's something shady, maybe even something sinful, in trying to overturn the old pyramidal structure. We plead 'not guilty' to that charge. But we do plead guilty in our wish to overturn -- at least in the United States -- what the last pope called 'the divinely instituted hierarchical constitution of the Church.'”At least they're honest. They don't want a hierarchical Church that disagrees with them, so they need to overthrow it.Easier said than done. While Take Back Our Church may be long on ambitions, they're falling short on methodology. Indeed, right now, their principle concern appears to be finding members. As of July 4, they had a total of 580 people on their roll. Not terribly impressive. But don't worry... they do have a strategy for growth:“Right now, we'd like each of you, 580 of you, to scour your e-mail address books and urge your twenty closest friends to go to our website and sign in. Do it now.”Okay, so maybe they need to work on their growth strategy as well. But that gave me an idea...I haven't made the $10 subscription offer for Crisis in quite some time. So I'm going to do it right now. It's the perfect counterbalance to Take Back Our Church's membership drive. Let's see if we can get more faithful Catholic subscribers than they can get dissident Catholic members. Here's the deal: You can have a full year's subscription to Crisis for just $10. That's ten issues... just a dollar an issue.You can also give a gift subscription for $10... it's the perfect gift for your parish, your pastor, a student heading to a secular (or liberal Catholic) college, etc. Really, every Catholic should be reading Crisis.Finally, if you already have a Crisis subscription, you can renew it for a full year for just $10. That's almost 1/3 off the regular renewal price.There's absolutely no limit on the number of subscriptions or renewals you may order. I want to get Crisis into the hands of every Catholic in this country. This is, after all, an apostolate as well as a business. So while this may look like an odd business decision, I do believe it's important for our overall mission. If I'm serious about bringing authentic Catholicism into the public square, I've got to step up to the plate.So that's why I'm making you this offer.Of course, there's a small catch: The $10 deal ends at noon Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, August 23. I suggest you order sooner rather than later. The devil has a way of distracting us from things like this... until it's too late.Don't let that happen.Click here to order:

Look, we often complain when dissident Catholics worm their way into parishes and chanceries and distort the Faith. Here's a chance to do something about it. Think of Crisis Magazine as a vaccination against the disease of dissent. I'll talk to you next week,BrianP.S. This is a great time to subscribe to Crisis, or to renew your subscription. We have a bombshell issue coming up in December... the fruit of a long-term project. I can't reveal much more than that right now, but it's going to be an issue everyone will be talking about. And there are some well known figures in the Church who won't like it one bit.

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