Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thank God I don't have to move...

Well, a good ending to my landlady drama.
She was waiting this morning as I was getting ready for morning prayer. She sat on one of the chairs in the living room, one of the ones that I had been blocked access to.
She had a copy of the rental agreement in front of her. She started the conversation off by pointing out that the agreement didn't mention full house privileges. That alarmed me, I didn't even think about that possibility. I thought I was sunk from the beginning. I swallowed down the panic and held my ground.
Then she pointed out that she was giving me free storage space in the garage. She calculated how much that would come to at $40/ month by 8 months. Ouch. I stood there mute.
Then she told me about her feelings about me using the couch. I have to admit I've been a couch potato for the past few months. I work a split shift which gives me 5 hours off in the middle of the day. I would often come home and watch TV during that time and quite often fall asleep. She visits the house twice daily in between the two jobs that she works and would mostly see me on the couch. She is an active person and seeing me inactive on the couch so often must have grated against her nerves. So that explains her motives in cutting me off from the living room I guess.
So, I promised to not sleep on the couch anymore and to clean the bathroom more diligently and pay her the remaining $100 for rent. She agreed to return me to full house privileges.
She said she was sorry and to act like none of this ever happened. She said we were both Catholics and asked me to pray for her as I headed out the door.
A good ending for a trying time.
Thank you to any of you who prayed for me....
God is good.

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