Tuesday, August 15, 2006

An interesting day... lunch with mum and off to the polls.

Well, first of all, I have a pre-confession to make about this interesting day. I forgot to schedule time off so I could go to today's obligatory holy day for the Assumption. So, I have to go to confession Saturday before Mass. Rats!
But I had lunch with mum today. It was our annual birthday lunch, we have birthdays that are a week apart. She challenged me in the area of making more money and being able to buy my own home in 5 years. That certainly sounds nice after putting up with landlords that either put their houses up for sale or have relatives that are going to move in or my most recent challenge of the landlady who is taking back the full house privileges she promised when I moved in. We'll see how she feels about that when I pay her $100 less for rent this month. (pray for me here, I really don't want to move again, pray for her to grant me favor)
Then I went to the library, since I don't have internet access at home, and printed up a copy of the voter's guide of a local conservative group, Nevada Coalition of Concerned Voters, www.nevadaconcernedcitizens.org, and ran off to my polling place to vote.
Well, I got there and rushed in to start voting before I realized I forgot the guide in my car. They wouldn't let me leave since I already inserted my voter's card in the slot for electronic voting. Grrrr. So, I went by memory and remembered about half of the names that they suggested. Sheesh! Well, it felt good to get my vote in.

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