Wednesday, August 16, 2006

God giving me a heads up.

I think God is gently warning me.
A couple of girls got into trouble at work today. One told me she got caught being monitored when she said something smart to a customer that was cussing her out. We are not allowed to retaliate in any way except to politely hang up when we get verbally abused. The other girl got into trouble in the past due to mouthing off to customers- I really don't know what happened to her today. She got called into the big boss's office with our manager and was sort of in tears afterwards and said something vague about it not being a good thing.
I, myself, have been muttering under my breath after a irritating customer hangs up lately. I think God is kindly warning me to knock it off so I don't get into trouble.
So, please pray for the two girls for wisdom, repentance and mercy. And pray that the Lord will give me wisdom to shape up my act. Thank you.

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