Sunday, October 01, 2006

Time has slipped by.

Wow, I haven't posted since Wednesday!

Been kind of busy at my new job. I've been reading other blogs just not posting any here.

Well, what's been going on in the Lonely Man's life? I am reading excerpts from Story Of A Soul, the autobiograpy of St. Therese of Lisieux. It is an absorbing read. Her first person descriptions of episodes of her life are compelling. I can relate to her as she describes her life. Right now I'm reading when she was around 15, the age she joined the Carmelite convent.

She describes her early time there as a time of suffering. And she embraces her suffering so well. She is not complaining about it or wishing it would soon go away. She is actually welcoming the suffering and praying that it doesn't stop. Oh, the stuff that the heart of a saint consists of! I am soooooo quick to pray for a release from my suffering it isn't funny. I feel chagrined at her attitude. She is so noble. Hmmm, I really, really don't want to start praying for more suffering in my life. I guess that means I'll never be canonized....

Oh- today is her feast day!

Lord, bless me as I ponder the life of St. Therese. Help me to aspire to noble heights such as is seen in her life.

St. Therese, pray for me that I may be pleasing to my Lord, that I may love my Lord as you loved him as a teenager. I am weak and dull of heart, seek the Lord's mercies for me, O little flower.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,

If you keep on reading, you will come to Therese's dispositions in 1895: "And now I no longer desire either suffering or death, and still I love them both. Abandonment alone guides me. I can no longer ask for anything except the complete accomplishment of God's will in my soul."