Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Lonely Man's Dreams

Well, folks, I go around town all day long knocking on doors asking for votes for my candidates and I see all these wonderful houses and get all kinds of ideas. Since it seems I may be able to earn a great income soon it's got me thinking about what I want for my house. *sigh* My house- what a concept. Ah well, this is what I want in my house.

Green, green grass in the front and back yards.

A willow tree in my front yard.

A wishing well.

Little statuettes of my dogs.

Two dogs.

Maybe a cat.

Little white statuettes of kids at play.

A copse with a statue of Mary or St. Joseph.

One of those suns with the face on it.

A hedge comprised of rosemary.

Rose bushes all over.

A 51" big screen TV.

Home theater system.

Self-built hot shot computer system.

A shaded front porch with a big table and maybe even a couch.

I'll add more as I remember what I dream about during the day. It would be so nice to have my own place. I am sick of moving and want to start a library.


Jennifer said...

I often dream about what I'd do if I won the lottery...kind of pointless since I don't buy tickets.

I hope you get your dream house someday :)

ukok said...

Oh boy am I glad I read this twice, I thought you said you wanted a corpse with a statue of Ss Mary and Joseph!

ooh, a library is always a very good idea :-)

EC Gefroh said...

Hope your dreams come true Tim.