Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well, might as well let you in on the latest...


No, that's not me in the pic. It's just a Google image.

I moved last week. The day after I was surprised to realize that it was the easiest move I ever experienced. I rented U-Haul's smallest box truck for $19.99 and moved a bunch of boxes into storage- that was only a short two mile round trip. I then loaded up the stuff from my small room and bathroom into the car and took it over to my new place.

Now this place, gentle reader, is very special. It used to be a Franciscan friary before it was sold to the Catholic Worker. It is three house sized buildings on one regular home sized lot. I live in the center house. I share the house with Pace-Bene, a Franciscan organization that uses half the house for an office. There is no central heat, instead there is a wood stove- rather quaint, eh? I suspect I'll be a little chilly in the winter, which are very mild here in Las Vegas in the desert.

But it is so peaceful! It is landscaped in desert style but it has a dignity that I find hard to put into words. My son came over last night for some beer and Texas Holdem and he loved the peaceful demeanor of the place. It has a whole wall of books which lends to the atmosphere and it has a wooden floor and a big dining table in the front room. It has a small chapel too.

I met Father Jerry today. He just flew in from Chicago area for some peace movement work. They are having a meeting at the house tonight. They invited me over for dinner and a service. He may be staying for about a month. He is a gentle soul.

Frank lives next door, he runs a ministry for some poor people across the street that Catholic Worker inherited from the Franciscans. Sister Meghan lives in the other house, she does a lot of work for Nevada Desert Experience, an anti-nuclear weapon group. I am surrounded by peace activists here. Heh. I don't discuss my politics with them- only with Mark because he and I have a complete understanding of each other and a covenant of complete support. I am a little uneasy to let my new friends know that I am conservative and orthodox and completely in agreement with the Magisterium. They are rather uh... progressive. But with very good hearts.

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ukok said...

Your new home sounds incredible. God surely does work in wonderful ways!