Saturday, October 14, 2006

Okay, about RCIA

.Father Clarence was late so I had to stall for time. I was feeling bad that I hadn't really prepared anything about prayer this week, being rather busy due to my new job. But, I trusted to providence and my ability to ad-lib. So, as it turned out I had a chance to exercise creativity.

I asked the folks there if they had prayed that week and everyone raised their hand. Aha- teacher's triumph! That felt good. I then asked for anyone to share about that prayer experience. One precious girl, who sometimes cries at Mass for desire for the Eucharist, said that due to her braces she experiences bad toothaches and was healed of one this last week after praying for relief. Others shared their experiences of prayer. I shared about my prayers of desperation when struck with the terrible pain Tuesday afternoon.

I shared about how the Psalms are the heart of the prayers of the Church, accessed through the Divine Office. Later Father Clarence mentioned this point as he taught about the Old Testament. That felt good.

I'm giving it all I got, folks, and it seems some seeds are being planted. This is the highlight of my public spiritual life. I love it.

Anyone got some references on prayer that I could publish to our RCIA group? I would appreciate it....


Anonymous said...

Ps 4:18
Ps 84:1-12
Sir 35:16-17
Mt 6:19-21, 24
Mt 6:25-34
Mt 26:36-41
Mk 9:14-29
Mk 10:17-27
Lk 18:1-8
Lk 18:9-14
Jn 15:1-5
Rom 7:15-25
Rom 8:26-27
Eph 6:10-18
Heb 7:23-25
Jas 4:1-8

357, 2559, 2725 - 2745

Suggested questions for discussion.
What distracts you? How to handle?

Is it possible God will answer "no"?

If you prefer your will to God's what effect might that have on your prayer?

What effect will it have if your prayer is filled with petitions but lacks adoration and thanksgiving.

Prayer is made up of ACTS.
A - Adoration
C - Contrition
T - Thanksgiving
S - Supplication (now you can ask God for what you want)

Jennifer said...

I myself altered a journal and it is my prayer book. I have copied and wrote many different prayers in it. It is invaluable to me...I am so happy I did that.

When I was searching for prayers I found a great site on types of prayers. Of course I don't remember the url but if you google it I'm sure you will find it.

Adoro said...


Just as a witness, which I shared with my class this week (as it happened immediately before and with reference to them....

I have trouble with spontaneous prayer. So I went to Adoration before class and begged the Lord for help, asking him specifically to teach me how to pray.

Well, I had spontaneous prayer in mind, but the Lord directed me to something more traditional...while I prayed He told me to read the Gospel for that day.

I resisted, wanting to focus, but the Lord was persistent, and finally I pulled out my Magnificat and read the day's readings.

The Gospel was from Luke (paraphrased):

Jesus had gone to a certain place to pray and when he was finished, the apostles approached him and asked him to teach them how to pray.

Jesus told them, "When you pray, you are to say.." (This is where he teaches them the Our Father)

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name..

I nearly fell out of my seat. I had NO IDEA that this was the Gospel of the day. I had recognized that for some reason, God wanted me to speak on the subject to which I was assigned, but I didn't realize that His hand was reachign so far.

I told my story before prayer that night to give it context, having passed out sheets with the Lord's Prayer on it.

I actually felt stupid doing so..I think most of the people there are either reverts seeking confirmation or converts from other Christian religions.

Well, after my talk, I sat down and a girl in front of me requested one of the handouts...she didn't know the Our Father!

Jesus indeed answered my prayer, but not on my behalf, but rather, on behalf of my class, His children.

Thank you, Jesus, for using me to spread YOUR Word.

You can use this story. It taught me about not only the power of prayer, simple prayer that the Lord Himself taught, but also not to take the Gospel for granted, for truly, some people have not heard it before and the stuff we as Catholics take for granted, is unknown to others.

Amy said...

Sometimes it seems like the only time we pray is when we really need something. I mean, get down on your knees and begging kind of prayer. And often times those are the times when you really see the miracle behind prayer. It was years ago, I wasn’t a very faithful Catholic, in fact I hardly was a Catholic. We were newly married and had only two of our babies at the time. My husband was going through something awful with work. This was the Army… so you can imagine it. If it was bad, it was BAD.

In my kitchen hung a simple wooden cross with a psalm hand-painted on it. I wish I still had it. My mother in law had given it to us when we got married. But years later I would deny my faith and get rid of a lot of things I should have kept. Anyway, I was simply leaning against the washer just crying and I looked up at that cross. The next thing I knew I was on my knees weeping with grief and fear. I looked up at that cross and begged God to make everything right.

I suddenly knew what to do. I began to feed my husband. Oh yeah, you heard me I FED him. Roast Beef, potatoes with real sour cream, and for desert? Pie and ice cream, of course. Every night he ate like that. A few months later he received an honorable discharge because he failed his weigh in three times in a row.

Coincidence? I think not. I needed answers and there I was in the kitchen when suddenly it all made sense. We were freed from our worries and went on to start a new and wonderful civilian life.

ukok said...

Lot's of ideas, but I think you have probably got more than enough with the wonderful suggestions you've already received!

Sounds like it was a real success, congratulations!!!