Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A call to enjoy and pray for Sinead O'Connor

This is exquisite beauty- the music and the video!

But, boy is this girl screwed up.
Let me count the ways....
She rips up a photo of John Paul II on Saturday Night Live telling the audience to fight the real enemy.
Then she asks the pope's forgiveness, then years later says she would change nothing about that incident.
Rush Limbaugh reports that she tried to commit suicide later that night of the SNL live incident. Then she gets ordained as a Catholic Priest(ess) in a schismatic sect.
Then she announces she's a lesbian and goes on to retract it.
Then in 2002 she announces her retirement from public life and her desire to train to be a catechist and asks everyone who sees her in the future to pretend they don't notice her and let her be. She says she is incredibly shy.
She goes back, however, to the public stage and cuts another album.
Currently she is pregnant with her fourth child due Christmas Eve 2006 (my daughter's birthday), it seems each child has a different father.

Kinda sounds like me in another life (pre-Adoration).

Pray for her, folks, this wonderfully talented and misguided soul really needs it! But, man, can the gal sing!


Jeff Miller said...

There was also the period of time she had herself "ordained" a priest, tried to remain celibate, and would hold her own "Masses."

Jennifer said...

I shouldn't have listened to it...made me cry again.

I must admit she's odd.

rhapsody said...


Will pray for her.