Friday, October 20, 2006

Well, folks, I got my first call from a casino about a job. The MGM Grand is freakin' huge! I got lost there when I went for the pre-interview at HR.

The dealers there get paid astronomical tips. I mean, out of this world. I am applying for Pit Clerk, the guy who handles the markers for players. My oldest son is one at Bellagio where my mom works. My second oldest son is one at- sheesh, I forgot which house but its also a great one.

If I get hired there I would try to get a second job dealing at a lesser house, they call them break-in houses to gain experience. I asked my mom this morning how long she thought it would take for the MGM to possibly hire me as a dealer and she said about a year. That is unbelievable, folks! Only a a year to work at one of the premier houses in Vegas, to earn a six-figure income?

Wow, maybe getting fired at my old job was a true blessing in disguise.


Jennifer said...

That's great...but when your making 6 figures a yearI think you'll hae to change the name of your blog form Lonely Man's Blog...excuse my typin, I've taken a sleeping pill...i am now ready to sleep

Therese Z said...

I've been fired once and laid off three times. Each time, I grew. Your remark is insightful.

Good blog, attractive!