Wednesday, September 27, 2006

RCIA blessings

Well, it was a great night at RCIA.

Father George taught about the Holy Spirit and invited folks to come up front and share a testimony of how the Spirit worked in their lives. We heard some great stories of the providence of our wonderful God.

I got to encourage a couple people tonight. One young lady is very anxious to partake of the Eucharist and is worried she won't be accepted into full communion with Rome since her husband is not Catholic. He recently consented to have their marriage convalidated. I assured her she will be able to participate in the Eucharist come next Easter vigil. Another fellow has a moving deadline next week and is worried about being homeless. I told him about taking our anxieties and turning them into prayer requests a la Phillipians 4:6. I also told him about offering up our sufferings to Christ and how sufferings polish our souls and make us holy. He was visibly relieved.

Such blessings to serve the body of Christ.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

I've been reading your blogs and just generally exploring the site and find it filled with beautiful sentiment and profound thought.


Jennifer said...

A few weeks ago my 4 yr old told her dad we were going to mass on a Tuesday night. He asked what was at church...she said the Holy Spirit. Which suprised me because I had no clue she knew that word.

The biggest suprise was when we got to mass the readings and homily was about the Holy Spirit. I know it was more than a coincidence. It was the Holy Spirit working through her.