Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ahh, sadness...

For several weeks I have had full-blown internet access at work. I could blog at work! Folks, this was a wonderful time. In between hassling with customers over their unpaid credit card bills I could read wonderful Catholic blogs. An oasis in the desert! A breath of fresh air!

Alas, it all came to an end today.

There I was, clicking from one blog to the next when- whammo!

Access Denied. That message showed up in a field of all-white. It said to call the Help Desk.

Crap! I thought to myself. I knew the game was no longer afoot. The powers that be, the corporate weenies at my company, pulled access to the internet from us regular workers. Now, I am doomed to view only corporate weenie-approved intranet websites. Aaaargh!

Life just isn't fair, sometimes.


Tracy said...

Bummer! DH is the same at work...they can't go to any blog sites or whatever, but ebay is ok. Kind of like it's ok to brag about who hooked up with whom that weekend nad who cheated on their wives in the desert, but mention that you are taking a later lunch to go to daily Mass and tha *GASP* area you talking about God?!

The spiritual battles you all endure at work!

God Bless, and I am thrilled that you were able to take your friend to adoration with you!

Kathy Jo DeVore said...

LOL at that cat! :) Sorry about the internet thing. My boss (the 2 month old) doesn't let me look at blogs often, either. :(