Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hmm, a snag in the job search


Dejection Alley

My second job interview, once I filled out the application, didn't last very long.

She took one look at the part of the application that listed my exceptions for the work schedule: Sundays off for Church, Wednesday eves off for RCIA and the first Saturday of the month off for Carmelites and told me they just don't do that and ended the interview.

Now, it seems I might lose out on much of my Catholic life activities....

Aaargh! That didn't occur to me before. I'm, uhh, stunned.

I can't give up the Carmelites, can I? Wow, this sucks. And working on Sundays? Ugh!

I think I can convince an employer to let me have Wednesday nights off, though. But, still....

Shoot, Folks! I need a miracle job!


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Be strong, Brother. Your Faith will keep you going. The Lord will talk to you if you keep you ears open.

You are in my prayers.

Chris said...

Trust the Lord on this one. Remember that Christ sacrificed His life for us. Sometimes we have to sacrifice our desire to "have it all now" for Him. I don't know much about your situation but if you feel that God wants you to be at RCIA and with the Carmilites then I'd say stick with it, pray, and let God lead you where he wants you.

Also, thanks for visiting my blog.

ukok said...

The Church does allow for Sunday working if no alternative is available. You could then attend Saturday evening Mass if they have the vigil Mass at a nearby parish.

The RCIA, well, that's between you and your parish priest. If he's inflexible on it, fair enough, but he may just allow for you to meet privately for one on one instruction, or a Catechist may meet with you in your home.

Your Carmelite devotions, well that's between you and God. If you feel called to continue with it and can't put that on hold or work around it for the period of RCIA (ours is 20 weeks long and just about to start), then it's understandable that you would want to continue with it.

I will pray for your intention.

God Bless!

Joel said...

I would say that as a secular Carmelite, your family is your primary vocation, and if you have to put a crimp in your participation to support them, then so be it. My OCDS wife has had to make that sacrifice sometimes, and I had to drop out of diaconate formation altogether a couple of years ago because of work commitments.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Hang in there. I will pray that you find something good soon.

Adoro said...

My parish had a recent announcement in our bulletin regarding RCIA...if someone is not able to attend the Wed. evening classes, they are offering alternatives. Maybe you can look into that, if not available at your parish, then at another?