Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Witness to Adoration

Well, a friend of mine often commented on how peaceful I seemed after seeing me when I had just finished my time at Adoration of the Lord before the Blessed Sacrament. Eventually, she asked to join me. So yesterday we went to the little chapel on 14th and Garces near downtown Las Vegas for a half hour.

We went again today and she sent me this email later:

Prayer Chapel!
Thank you Tim , for telling me about the Chapel and for taking me there. There is such peace and a sweet presence of G-d. It is wonderful to be with other people who love G-d and want His Presence, Love, and Peace. And Blessings. If I were to use two words to describe what I felt, it would be Peace and Blessings. A cessation of the clamor, striving, worry and fears of the world and because of that; a clean, a white, an unmarred spirit peacefully waiting as G-d's Blessings float down to caress and permeate the soul. My soul. The other's souls. Those there in the Chapel, those prayed for, those yearning for G-d.

It is hard to leave, to switch gears to this world we live in. What a blessing to live in the realm of G-d it is going to be.


(She is Jewish, hence the unique spelling of God)

I told Mark about this and he got very excited. He's going to Regis University, a Jesuit satellite campus here in town working on a degree in religious studies. He told me tonight that he is including this story in a paper he is writing for his Contemporary Catholicism class which is about evangelization.

What a privilege for me to just be myself moping along in my Catholic journey and to attract a friend to the Blessed Sacrament in the Holy Eucharist....

God is good.

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Hi Tim! I've checked out your blog before but was a little reluctant to comment (don't know if it's appropriate seeing as how you are a "lonely man" and I am a happily married woman heeheehee). To respond to your comment on my blog: I have been going to adoration at midnight-1 am every Tues night/Wed morn for about a year and a half now. Maybe I'll blog about it and show a picture of the chapel. I started going in the town I live in (my parish is the next town over that I grew up in, my parish hadn't started perpetual adoration yet but now that I've been going to my neighboring parish, I like it so much I haven't signed up in my own parish) and I just love it. Last night (this morning, I guess), however, I came home to a very tired hubbs and a very crying baby! That's the first time that's happened so I don't know what I'll do about that. Usually she doesn't wake until about 2am or later. Whoops. Hubbs didn't mind, he said she woke up playing and happy and had just started crying right before I walked in the door. Pray for him today! He usually sleeps like a rock and needs all the sleep he can get to NOT be a zombie at work. Okay, now you know. I like your blog and I will check into it often but sorry, you won't be allowed into our supersecrethomeschoolingCatholic bloggingmomassociationthingy. Don't worry, there's probably a male counterpart to our thingy that you can be a part of (although it couldn't possibly be as cool, sorry hahaha) God bless you!