Thursday, September 14, 2006

well... day 2 of unemployment


I'm trying to get everything sorted in my head. Am I being discriminated against or was I a bad boy for using company time for personal internet use?

I am sticking to my daily routine- morning prayer, adoration and now blogging at the internet cafe. I'm gonna give my daughter a ride this afternoon and run a friend to the bank.

So, I'm wondering, can you get Unemployment Benefits if you get fired? My friend says, no. What say you?

She tells me the our Post Office is offering $20/hr to start. Hmmm, that's $41,0000/yr! Wow. I could use a raise like that. She said when she called she was told the average salary was $57,000/yr. Sheesh! I had no idea. I was thinking about working there a year ago when I made the switch to the Collections department. Then the starting wage was $13/hr. This is a whole different story.

My mother did suggest that I seek to increase my income last month when we went out for lunch. It was a challenging thought. Well, I'm in a challenging position right now. It would sure be nice to be able to own my own condo or something. I'm tired of putting up with landlords.

I could go for another call center Collections Agent job.... Do the same ole, same ole....

I could try and be a Casino Dealer again like some of my family members do. That would entail a big cut in income for a couple of years before I could work my way into a casino that has decent tips.


Chris said...

It might depend on the state you live in. I know you can in Michigan.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

aim HIGH, dude, if you're a father of four, how can you afford to be jobless for long? Go out there and get you a job, right quick! If you get fired here in MN you can get unemployment benefits, but why worry about it? You only get a portion of your wage plus you have to have a "waiting week"...blah blah blah, just get another job...two if you need to. Time to grow up and stop renting!
The jobs are out there for those willing to work hard (postal employees do have it good, though) and I think it's very manly to have a good work ethic and be proud of what you do, so NO MORE BLOGGING at work. Sorry, but that's the way it has to be.

Anonymous said...

Tim, I'm sorry you lost your job.

Unfortunately there isn't much money to be made blogging...certainly nothing to feed a family! The post office jobs are supposed to be great, but hard to get. Another place I hear is always hiring and pays well, with decent benefits is UPS. It is physical work, but it can be a good place to work and wait for something like the PO to come through.

If you got fired because of the nature of your blog-watching...esp. if your employer thought that you were reading/watching about some underage chick in a lewd way...I would do whatever you could to clear that misconception up. You're going to have to put your former employer down on applications, and while a future employer could say "OK, he messed up on computer use time, let's give him a chance," if anything smells like potential sexual misconduct (I know, it wasn't!), you won't get hired. So talk to human resources, or your supervisor, or whatever. Do you know a lawyer? Even mentioning potential lawsuit can help.

Short of UPS, I'd try waiting tables at one of the many restaurants there. Good tips, I hear.

Not sure about unemployment benefits, but I wouldn't depend on it.

Best wishes. I will pray for you!

MaryAgnesLamb said...

Tim, in many states, you can get unemployment if you are fired unjustly--so, I'd do what I could to establish that. It never hurts to file! You'r in my prayers.
Read in your profile that you are discerning a vocation to OCDS? Great!
I belong to the Jesus Author of Life Secular Carmel in Terre Haute, IN. Sr. Veronica at the Reno Carmel was in the Terre Haute Carmel--if you see her tell her Denise says Hi!

God bless, and hang in there--trust in God's Providence.

~pen~ said...
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Christina Martin said...

Yes, you can apply for unemployment if you are fired, but not if you are on strike and only in rare circumstances if you resign.

I'll be keeping you in prayer.