Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Long live Bree!

Okay, maybe some of you saw my YouTube video of lonelygirl15, aka Bree, down below when she went swimming.

Well, little did you know, this girl is rocking the cyber world with an incredible following of millions of views of her videos. For instance, she just posted one yesterday and she already has over 420,000 views!

She is an internet phenemon. Many cretins have been saying that she is a Hollywood production, in their lame attempt to make sense of her incredible popularity. The New York Magazine, LA Times Online and countless other ne'er-do-wells are bringing up conspiracy theory after another trying to prove that she is less than what she appears to be.

Domenico Bettinelli and I have been going at it since he posted about this so-called revelation of Bree's unmasking. Which I point out in the comments has not been definitively proven.

So the whole world is blogging about her nefarious identity and she just keeps posting her sweet and innocent video blogs oblivious of the rancor around her. Her latest one is called, "House Arrest," in which she tells us she has been grounded for two weeks for going to a party against her parent's wishes.

Bree is a phenemon because she is a sweet young girl who was homeschooled in a religious household. She is separated from the rest of the world due to this background and offers the cyber world an untainted, fresh outlook on life that is free from many of the spoils of modernity.

So, listen up, cyber world, Bree is real, she is not a Hollywood production- heh- Hollywood would be lucky if it could produce a character as winsome as Lonelygirl15. Just you see, time will prove me out.

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Anonymous said...

According to the New York Times and Associated Press,the actress who plays "Bree" has been identified as Jessica Rose,a New Zealand native now living in Los Angeles.Check the stories for the names of the directors of the project.