Friday, September 22, 2006

OH! I forgot about St. Joseph being patron saint of workers!


Thanks to Sister Mary Martha (who I stated was a hoax, a very clever hoax, a few weeks ago, but I am having my doubts) who posted about Sister Mary Fiacre taking St. Joseph aspirin today and mentioned the good saint's patronages.

Well, I remember him being called St. Joseph, the Worker.

Well, this worker needs the good Saint's intercession. So I hereby declare St. Joseph to be the patron saint of my job search!

St. Joseph, pray for us.

I'm so glad I'm a Catholic!


owenswain said...

Hey, and for us Canadians {me} he is also the Patron Saint of our whole country. I have been knocking on his door for a year now. He's probably tied up with our country as it really is in one hell of an ungodly mess.

However, keep knocking. :) and for whatever it's worth, know that I'm praying too {for the both of us}.

Sister Mary Martha said...

Don't worry, St. Joseph travels by ass and he's really slow but he always makes it. I visited the St. Joseph Oratory in Montreal a few years back. It took years for Joseph to get that together and then after it was almost done it had no roof. It took him another six months to do the roof. He HAS to be the patron saint of all contractors.