Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ahhh- another lovely Saturday

Woke up early and went to the Catholic Worker this morning. Mark was there fixing up the grub in the kitchen. He had spent all last week at a contemplative prayer retreat with a bunch of Carmelites given by Fr. Datius and had only gotten into town last night at 1:30 am. Then showed up at the kitchen to cook at 4:00 am this morning! A tired but happy man.

He was running the show today cuz all the other Catholic Worker leaders were out of town at some special meeting. He was a little nervous. Don't know why, it is a pretty simple operation. We drove the SUV with the trailer hitched to the back that carried the big pots of Ramen Soup and iced tea over to the feeding site and all went well. The folks ate up every bit of it! We were surprised since there didn't seem to be that many people.

Then we went to Starbucks for about an hour and caught up with each other. I told him about having to move next month and about my job interviews. He told me about the prayer retreat and gave me some practical advice from Fr. Datius's teachings about how to get started with a meditation that leads to contemplation when I told him that I was feeling intimidated about contemplative prayer.

Then we agreed to meet for evening prayer and parted ways. I went home to read and rest up. I got up around noon, took a shower and went to apply for this job conducting political polls for the elections coming up. It seems to be an easy job that will put money on the table and it gives me time to pick a premium collections job.

So now I am waiting for the recruiting manager to call me back for an interview.

The weather is delightful, it's a sunny day with a pleasant cool breeze. There is a feeling of fresh newness in the air. I'm going to confession today to seek reconciliation with the Lord and grace to overcome a certain sin that is bugging me lately. I might go to vigil Mass.

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