Friday, September 08, 2006

Tomorrow is Catholic Worker and Carmelites

One Saturday a month I take a day off work to attend my Third Order Carmelite general meeting. I also go and volunteer at the Catholic Worker to feed the poor.
At 6 am a bunch of us gather at the Catholic Worker house and do morning prayers and then grab the hot ramen and hot tea and head over to the feeding area. We then form 3 lines for the ramen soup and feed the poor. Mark got me involved with this. It is a fun and good time reaching out. Some of us then go out to the Omellette House for breakfast and fellowship.
Then at 9 am I meet with my fellow Carmelites, again with Mark, for our monthly meeting. We are starting a region wide spiritual formation class that will last 3 years. I am going to learn how to pray contemplatively. Will learn how to build an interior space of silence for my Lord to fill. One day I may have the initials OCDS after my name....
That would be cool.

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Tracy said...

It's wonderful that you have that opportunity there! Prayers for your prayers?!

God Bless,