Wednesday, September 20, 2006

He hits the nail on the head

Flos Carmeli explains exactly the problem I have with traditionalists and others who bemoan the current state of affairs in Catholicdom, moaning and groaning about this and that in modern day Church life.

Do check it out by going here and finding his search box and typing in Stealing Joy and then hit enter. He has such a good attitude in the way he points out this folly.

So I say enough with criticizing my Church. Love it or leave it!


Joel said...

Tim, you might want to fix the second link; it's a trackback, not a permalink. It should be

Joel said...

Woops! That didn't come out right, either. How about copying and pasting this?

Good article, incidentally, and it meshes with another I read today, from the Protestant side. There's an advantage to being Catholic, and having a much more explicit rule to appeal to than just the Bible.