Sunday, September 24, 2006

Some progress on the job front.

Thanks for your prayers, folks. I'm starting a temporary job today- yes on a Sunday-hrrumph!.

I will be conducting political polls door to door starting tomorrow. It puts money on the table while I secure a better paying collections job. I'll be able to attend RCIA Wednesday eves and am hoping to secure my Carmelite first Saturday off the month off.

I am working with my Jewish friend, Judy, who has been going to Adoration with me lately. She told me about the job.

Pray for us, as we go forth and prosper. We need to find permanent jobs, maybe the Post Office (if the rumor is true that they start at $20/hr- I'm having my doubts). Leave your prayer requests in the comments and I'll pray for you, too.


Anonymous said...

Will pray for you both!

owenswain said...

Tim, I continue to pray with you {I recently applied to two more positions and am hanging by the thin but strong chord}. Congrats on your temp position.