Monday, September 18, 2006

Lonely Man's first detractor- about being fired.

Of course, he chose to remain anonymous, don't they all?
But, praise God, I am no longer a virgin blogger. I got my first critic! Let's see if he is a troll.
Here's his comment and my response.

Anonymous said...
First of all, you worked for a collections agency, people who are notorious for being lying, bullying, thieving, threatening pigs. I fail to see the loss. Maybe this is God telling you that your job was pretty sleazy to begin with.

I know what these people are capable of even when they're wrong. I was harrassed physically, verbally and financially and my family members were, as well, all over something that was never mine to begin with. Even after proving this debt was some other woman's, living several states away, I was STILL harrassed, because the agency in question just sold the debt to someone else.

Sorry if I don't weep for your loss. If you had the kind of job a grown-up, decent, honorable person has, I might feel bad, but I don't because you worked for pond scum and probably did some pretty scummy things yourself along the way.

Secondly, forty year old men who are dicking around discussing "lonleygirl15" while someone else is paying them for their time ARE being age-inappropriate.

Blogging and reading your personal interest blogs while being paid to work for someone is age-inappropriate, no matter what that personal interest is. If you want to read Catholic blogs 24/7, then go on welfare and sit at home and read Catholic blogs 24/7. No less honorable than working for a collections agency and at least you wouldn't be harrassing decent, hard-working, good, honest people for a living.

So, um, whatever. Get a clue, get a life, get a real job, and lay off your personal interests on the 'net while you're at work.


Congratulations, Anonymous, you are my first detractor on this blog.

Of course, I think it interesting that you did not post your name. My respect for you would be higher if you had.

Ok, first of all, I won't delete your comments. You make some points that give me an opportunity to describe myself more to my gentle readers.

Let's address them.

I never lied, bullied, thieved, or threatened anyone, let alone one of my customers. I am a Christian and a professional. My job was a God-given blessing.

You seem to have had a bad experience with bill collectors. I am sorry that happened to you, you did not deserve that.

I still fail to understand what age-inappropiateness means. Honestly, I think my dept mgr was a little nervous and at a loss for words when she said that. She seemed to be trying to say there was something lewd about my discussing lonelygirl15. She’s British and maybe just couldn’t come out and accuse me of some sort of sexual wrongdoing. You have a point when you say I was doing all this on company time. I was. But, I wasn’t taking any time off calling my customers, it was all done in between calls, as I said, I was the only one on my collections team that was meeting the time requirement of actually manning the phone line to be available to call our customers. Furthermore, I earned a fat bonus last month when I was doing all this blogging on company time, which shows that it didn’t effect my effectivity in collecting debts.

I thank you for your input. It has proved quite illuminating and may even help me in the future. I hope you come back to respond, but since I am not set up like Bettnet where you can get notified when someone responds on the comment section then I doubt you will. You may be one of the trolls who just leave an inflammatory post and never return.

God bless you, sir and thanks for sharing.


Joel said...

I've dealt with some pretty loathesome collection agents in my time, so I understand your commenter's feelings. However, being a newspaperman, I'm even farther down the evolutionary scale than bill collectors, so I'm in no position to cast stones. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think this guy should have grouped you with the others, but you have to admit bill collectors do some shady stuff.

One called one of my co-workers last week and was cussing up a storm. They also pretended to be someone they were not. Having worked for a collection attorney I know both violate federal law.

Blogging at work is a bad thing. You shouldn't look at anything on the internet that isn't work related while at work. You're asking for trouble. I'm sorry to hear about and have taken your misfortune very seriously. I will no longer look at anything other than work related sites. It is not worth it.

Take care. MC